Lehmann Black Cube owners.

I tried 3 small Adona brass cones under my Lehmann Black Cube. I bought 12 of them for $30, according to my Audiogon history. Points facing up, I used the inserts for stability. As I remember, they brightened up the sound-to a good effect. This is a nice cheap tweak to try.
Try placing a brass weight, like those offered by Mapleshade, on top of the Black Cube.

The weights can sometimes be found used in the Audiogon listings. Or, you can often find brass weights (paper weights, scale weights, etc) on E-Bay.
Tvad, is that weight in conjunction with the brass cones? I've got some brass floor savers I could try.
The weight mass loads the Lehmann Black cube. It needs to weight at least one pound, IMO.

You could also use a small baggie filled with sand, etc.
Thanks, Tvad.
On my Cambre Timber rack , which has been reviewed as still resonant-and I've found that to be true, I got better results by putting these cones(points up)on a 3 1/2 inch high piece of teak with small isonodes between the teak and stand. I don't think the teak is the absolute best substance here, but it means that further isolation might be necessary that just the brass cones.