Lehman Black cube setting with Grado Platinum

I have a Grado Platinum cartridge playing through a Lehman Black Cube pre amp using a Krell KRC2 & FPB300cx main.
I have it set as recommended in the manual at 47k. I believe it should sound better. Has anyone tried & is it OK to use some of the other MC settings? The output seems to be fairly low even though it is their standard output cartridge.
If someone has found the "optimun setting" for this combination please let me know. I will have some time this evening to give it a try. Oh, yeah. I believe the cube is the older version without the new power supply if you think this makes a difference.

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Did you ever figure it out? I am having the same issue with an original black cube mated to a technics sl1500m2 with a grado gold. I have it set to the MM settings and its a descent sound, but you really have to crank the volume. I'm not use to that seems to loose some punch as well I think when ran that way. I haven't been into vinyl in years so it's sort of new to me. I didn't care about cartridges back in the day just good music.