Lehman Black Cube SE vs Musical Fidelity XLPS V3

Has anyone had experience with these that they would share? I am running a Rega P3 into a Yamaha Receiver with a built-in phono stage. Speakers are Vandersteen 2ce signature ed. My room is roughly 15' square and I sit 9.5 ' from the speakers.

I'm wondering if a phono preamp will significantly add to my appreciation of the music.

thanks for any and all comments.
Both of the phono preamps you mention are excellent units in their price range. I have heard the MF, and owned the Lehmann Black Cube SE for several years. Of the two, I preferred the Black Cube. Either of these phono preamps will provide a significant improvement over the phono stage in your Yamaha receiver.

I live in Seattle, so if you'd like to talk further about phono preamps, feel free to call me at 206-772-1909.

Scott C-
Not sure that adding a phono pre will add to your appreciation of the music (I'm not joking about this), but it will certainly improve the quality of your sound. Haven't heard the MF piece, but I consider the Lehmann one of audio's great values--in my system it didn't embarrass itself in competition over the years with the best phono pre's from cj, Pass, Plinius, Tom Evans and many more. I still keep an SE version to use as a spare if anything happens to my Ear 324.
But, beware: once you open this floodgate to separates, you may not rest until you've got yourself a decent linestage, tuner and amp(s) as well!
You didn't mention the vintage or quality of your yamaha receiver, but another option would be to get a tube pre and use the yamaha as just a power amp. You can get an audible illusions 2d (mm only) pre for around 400 or a audible illusions 3 (mm or mc) for between 6 and 12 hundred dollars. They have very nice built in phono stages and the rest of your sources would benefit from the tubed linestage. Just a thought. Dlshifi is right, though. Seperates are a slippery slope. Have fun!