Lehman Black Cube or Grado PH-1 Preamp

Anyone have experience with these? I'm not in a position to try them, but in the $500 range, these two seem to fair well. Thanks for any feedback.
No experience either, but from just reading about them, the Lehman would be my choice.
You should also seriously consider the Jolida 9A. This is one fine phono pre for the bux. I am running one with an MM7 fitted with a Shelter 501 mk2. Just change the tubes for Ei, Sovtek or JJs.
I think that the Lehman is the far better of the two, particularly if you get the PWX upgraded power supply.

If you want something a little less expensive, I would recommend a Rega Fono, which is available in MM or MC versions, or a Goldring PA-100, which is only available as an MM.
Almost any 70's era integrated will supply you with a far superior phonostage, if there's no drift in caps. Grado uses a few special tricks, and I hear many more good things about it than Lehman, although I know 6 moons liked it. And as recent victim of Grado cartridge hum, I dunno. Of course I upgraded my phonostage as well.
Niether if you are going to buy one of the little box phono stages get the Redgum (the Australian Amp people). Quest For Sound has them, he's an A'gon dealer. Mine is always amazing people, it's versatile, really very good and fairly cheap less than the Cube.
I bought a Lehman SE here on A'gon used; I think they usually run 400 - 450 used ..... I recommend the SE; it's all the preamp I'll ever want. Joe
The Camelot Technologies Lancelot Pro is another to add to the list. Used should be in your price range. Its seperate DC power supply makes it super quiet and it has very flexible loading options. Expansive soundstage with plenty of detail and good drive.

I have a black cube SE that will be up for sale soon. I've replaced all the electrolytics with black gate.