legends and new preamp choice...

hi, i own a leben RS28C tube preamp and i want to change it for a balanced solid state to better match my Elecrocompaniet 250R amplifier.
i have 3 choice ( passion choices...) in the same price target

1 is a used CELLO encore line
2 is an used AYRE K1xe
3 is a brand new PASS XP10

i know the sound of the cello and love it but no remote control with it and i would like to know
if with the PASS or the AYRE i 'm going to have the same refined sound ?

thanks for your help.
Wyred4Aound is working on a preamp now, if you can wait.

I use my Raysonic 168's balanced tube outs directly into my amps. It's hard to beat, but can be modded by Underwood HiFi
electrocompaniet pre
Cell Encore is one of the best preamplifiers ever built. Everything else you mention is just really good.
The Cello is the obvious choice. I like the Ayre (actually had one for a while) -- but the Cello is better. Otherwise, just keep your Leben.
thanks for your advice , the LEBEN is a very nice sounding preamp but
unfortunatly not a good match with a high sensitivity balanced amplifier..