Legend of 1900

Quite an interesting film for the music, though I gather from some superficial googling that the original was hacked down to 2/3rds of its original length for US distribution. Gilda Butta is credited as pianist, and again some superficial googling suggests that she is playing on five tracks of the CD soundtrack. But who's playing on the rest of them?? Are these digitally "enhanced" versions of the original Jelly Rolls? Or??
I was one of the few in this country to see the uncut and full length original version of "1900". The original distribution plan for the United States was to release the film in two parts, each about 3 hours in length; and which would require filmgoers to pay for two separate admissions on consecutive days/nights. Theater owners were not excited about that alternative, nor were the studios. The film was thus unfortunately edited to fit into a shorter time frame. The 6 hour version was absolutely spellbinding, possibly among the very best films that I have ever seen. Perhaps one of these days an enterprising cable channel will decide to air that version.
You know, I really enjoyed watching the US released version...my 85 year-old father-in-law turned me on to this movie. Do you know where a copy is a available of the original 6 hour version. I just loved the "you asked for it..." spin in the magic finger shootout.