Legend Audio Speakers

Has anyone heard these speakers. What is your opinion?
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My brother and i listened to the little Legend pyramid shaped monitors. While i can't vouch for the price ( $4000 and a big "OUCH"), their sound was EXTREMELY good. While you will never get extreme bottom end out of a tiny two way, the speakers sounded nothing but musical over the range that they did cover. If i had money to burn.... Sean >
Extremely good sounding. More bass than seems possible, and more bass than many big speakers I've heard. Big stage. So good I can't imagine better, and I've listened to 20-30K speakers.
The Legend monitors are elegant and excellent, truly 'sound like music'. I've heard them at several shows, always top-rated, clearly in my favorite handful. They always show with a full system of Legend equipment (now including the Starlet integrated!). I also visited the showroom in Berkley, CA. There's not much out there to compete at the price. I'd look, too, at the Reynaud monitors, Offrande at $4000 and Trente at $2295; the latter was super-raved in the summer issue of Listener, and the Offrande is a masterpiece. jm-reynaud.com, ossaudio.com. I'm at [email protected]