Legacy Whisper DSW Clarity Edition??

Has anyone heard this speaker??-I am looking for a more natural and warmer speaker than my current ATC 100's which throw a huge deep soundstage but are a little to sterile for me- I would like a speaker to draw me in- The Whispers have been recommended to me by a few folks- My room is 17x28 and treated- I am using the Lampi Big Box L7 and Concert Fidelity Preamp- Just want to be sure this speaker is not to HI- Fi sounding - I was also told to look at the JBL 66000 as there are a few used ones around-Any other thoughts would be appreciated- I generally listen to Female vocals ( Diana Krall, etc) and jazz-thks
I have the Whisper XDS which I just sold for 12,000 US to someone in the states. I live in Indonesia. Mines was upgraded with better internal Wires. It was advertised on here.

Whisper are the only speaker I have encountered with the large sound stage. The speakers are warm but also transparent at the same time with a good balance. I don't like the AMT Tweeter if you compare it to RAAL but I prefer it more then Domes.

The JBL are also very good speakers but I cant compare it. the only thing I don't like about legacy audio is the build quality its not on the same level as a few other manufactures in the same price range. The Quality of the build, Longevity and the attention to detail is rather poor. When it comes to sound yes the whisper are dam good speakers but its a shame they lack in the cabinet design and quality.
Legacy is manufactured 100% in China but has excellent Yankee acoustic design!
It's not wrong or bad to use Chinese manufacture / assembly / parts... I get it!

We pay our shop guys $30.00 - $50.00 and hour and it hurts!
But in our opinion it's the right thing to do!

Quad_man: Legacy Audio is manufactured in Springfield IL here in the USA; I've been to their factory several times...I highly recommend a visit, it's great to see all the Legacy speakers (every model) being built and speak with Bill and the team...they don't built their speakers in China.
Zephyr is correct....ALL Legacy speakers are built in Springfield Illinois. Bill is a sweetheart of a guy and I'm sure will show you around if you stop by.