Legacy Wavelet as a preamp , any user feedback?.

Any one is using the Legacy Wavelet processor as a preamp?. What are the pros and cons?.

For now I have a dedicated phono stage BAT VK-P10SE and wondering if I need to get good preamp. This preamp will be mostly be for music from FLAC or Tidal. 

Again the choices for preamp are many and I just cannot try them all. Also I never had a dedicated preamp before. Hence wondering..
I was seriously considering the Wavelet to use for the room correction feature.  My bubble broke when I realized there is no tape monitor on it.  I have read many rave reviews on it.  If you don't need the room correction, why not go with something less expensive?  You could go with a Rogue RP1 for under 2K or a Rogue RP5 for around 3.5K.
I need room correction along with Aeris speaker. So I will be using it but not sure how good a general purpose preamp is it. I don’t need a phone input since I am happy to have a separate phono stage.