Legacy Victoria or Paradigm S4

I've got it down to one of these two. Can anyone help with suggestions as to which pair I should buy.

Amplifier is McCormack DNA .5 dlx (100w/8 & 170w/4)

Thanks for any input.
Either one are great stand mounts.They both are relatively sensitive with the Legacy ahead in terms of using tubes or solid state.Your amp will be able to drive both to satisfying levels, both speakers are getting good reviews also. The Paradigm would be my choice for running your amp with ( better extention, front ported, look`s to die for, and upgrade compatable )Having not mentioned the size of your room makes my response a little difficult.Looking further down the line I like the Victoria LE, I think it would provide and then some. Your tastes may change you may want to try tubes, with the Legacy you get superb build quaity, better resale value, and a sound that will grow with you and whatever changes you make down the road. Why not take your amp to both dealers and listen for yourself or better yet depending on your relationship ask both dealers to take them home for auditioning. they are as I stated in the beginning notable speakers,I`d go with my heart you can`t go wrong.