Legacy V Speaker System

I've been following the new Legacy V Speaker System for a bit now, and after hearing them in a small room and large and odd shaped hotel rooms, I am amazed at how they performed in both situations.

The sound-stage is on another level: there really isn't a comparison here. I've been a fan of the Wilson Alexandria and even the Focal Grande Utopia in some show systems, but I have never heard a speaker perform as consistently on top as the Legacy V. These speakers simply disappear. The iPhone remote was handy for adjusting when we switched from classic rock to classical tracks.

Toggling the room correction from the Wavelet on and off was impressive how much a difference it made.

Who else has auditioned these?
For me they have everything- sound staging, dynamics, full frequency response and speed. They are just so fast and real sounding- in every sized room they've been in!
I have, 3 times at this point in multi-hour sessions in typical rooms (2) and 1 large room. I've owned several generations of some of the Legacy speakers and currently own AERIS. I've also heard Whisper in its last 2-3 generations and can draw comparisons. The V is an amazing speaker(!!!); I've written up some feedback on other Legacy threads and my system page you may wish to check out; the best idea for more detail would be to hook up via phone or Audiogon in-mail so that we can have a more direct and detailed discussion.
Hope you have been doing well, I own AERIS as WAF isn't quite up to something as big as V coming into this house unfortunately...I recently exchanged the XILICA 4080 DSP for the newest WAVELET setup for AERIS target functions and the results are very impressive with this combo; the WAVELET removed the 2-3 issues I had left with room interaction in certain bass frequency discrete ranges, and timing and coherency of the overall image. The results are dramatically better and extremely enjoyable. I'm also testing a bespoke DC power supply replacement for stock wall wort DC power supply that ships with Wavelet. Larry at HDPlex did one hell of a job building a 100W linear, regulated DC power supply with XLR5pin to XLR5pin cable output to route audio-grade DC into the Wavelet.   The system performance and that of the Wavelet took a jump within a very short period of time with this new power supply upgrade....very impressive(!), write me here on on private email for more detail.