Legacy Studios?

Anyone have a pair of these? How do they rate in the $1000ish bookshelf speaker arena? On paper they seem like a lot of speaker for such a small size. I'm also considering Von Schweikert VR 1's and, if I can find a deal on them, Totem Model 1 Signatures. Whatever I choose will be used on stands in a 18'X18' room.

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The Studios work very well! I own a pair. One has to spend about $1000 or more to do better, and then you woud have to do a compairson test. The lesson is purchase a used pair of Studios used!
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Yes, I'm keeping my eyes open for a used pair. How is the bass with these speakers? Imaging, soundstage, etc.?
"How is the bass with these speakers? Imaging, soundstage, etc.?"

Pretty darn good, however I have never compaired them to the Von Schweikert VR 1's.
My Father uses Studio's for his center and two surrounds in his combo HT / 2 channel system. His mains are Legacy 1's, which are earlier versions of the Legacy Classic.

Quite honestly, i think that the Studio's sound better in most respects than the larger floorstanders. Legacy's larger speakers ( except for the Whisper and possibly the newer Focus 20/20 ) all have a problem with "bass bloat" to a very noticeable degree. The smaller driver in the smaller box does not seem to suffer from this to any great degree. Obviously, the 1's have greater bass output and extension, but at the expense of lower quality.

Having said that, i don't think that the Studio's are bad speakers at all. They may be the best that Legacy has to offer. My only concerns with buying these would be the internals i.e. quality of connections made, wiring / crossover parts used, etc... I've seen the insides of a few different Legacy speakers and they look better / more consistent on the outsides than they do on the insides.

Like Larry above though, i have not compared them to the VS speakers though. My guess is that the Legacy's may have a little more "grunt" whereas the VS's are probably a little more refined. Just a guess though. Sean
Sean is absolutely correct about the internals of the Studio's. The small switches on the back are connected with what appears to be about 24 gauge wire. I think the drivers are fine but the internal connections and wire could definitely be improved upon.
I think you need to shop a little in this price range, however. The Studio is a decent enough speaker but there are a lot of choices.
Don't laugh, but I liked my NHT Superone's better at less than $400 for the pair. Placed on a good pair of Target stands, they performed better in absolute terms.
The bottom line is I think the Studio's are ok, but not worth the $1000 price tag overall cosidering build quality (internal) and what the market has to offer at this time.
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I appreciate the experienced input on my decision.