Legacy Studio circa 1990?

Does anyone have knowledge about or has listened to this speaker? I remember ads from the early 1990's for the Legacy (Reel to Reel Design) Studio at that time and the speaker had a yellow woven Kevlar woofer. The one I am looking at on ebay has a black woofer, which would indicate it is an earlier model. As always, it's sound, not appearance and/or design that matters.
Actually, it was Reel to Real Design created by Bill Duddleston. I bought a pair of Legacy 2+'s when he was making them in his garage in 1987. Great speakers back then. I never heard the Studio's though.
I have had Legacy speakers during that time period. The Studio version I believe you are looking at have a aluminum dome SEAS tweeter and (I think) a SEAS poly cone woofer. The yellow cone Kevlar version Studios were diffently a improvement in the mids but the black poly cones were still quite nice sounding. Fine small speaker if the price is right. Also The Studio has one of the best extended low bass response of any small speaker I have listened to.
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I contacted Legacy Audio and my questions were graciously answered via email...I wonder how many other companies would reply to queries concerning a 20 year old item? In any event, the speakers are pre-1994 in date and were probably manufactured in late 1993. The woofer is of German origin (no manufacturer name was given). I don't think it's a SEAS (is that a Danish, Swedish or Norwegian company)? It's a 4 ohm design and I hope my decent Hafler TA-1600 amplifier can handle the 4 ohm load. By the way, I purchased them for $150.00, which seems fair to me. Thanks to all who responded.
I received the speakers yesterday and although I would deem them ugly in design appearance (made even more unattractive by a previous owner who painted them white) they sound fabulous, besting thus far in intial impressions my NHT 1.5's. Sigh, the 1.5's are far more pretty...
Sigh....it never ceases to amaze me how some folks can totally trash quality audio equipment. If you don't like the finish of your speakers, sell them and buy a finish that pleases you....sheesh.