Legacy Streamline,Parasound PLD-1100,Sunfire ???

Hello All,
I am looking to set up a system with Legacy Mono Bloc amps and was thinking of these three pre amps.
Legacy Streamline
Parasound PLD-1100
Sunfire TG III

Has any body compaired these units. I have heard alot of good reviews on the Sunfire but am not to sure about two channel performance.
As for the Legacy Steamline not a whole lot of info on it and was thinking it would be a good match with the amps but have not been able to find one.
Then theres the Parasound PLD-1100. It has a dual mono set-up and is designed by John Curl and seems to be a good bang for your buck.

Thanks for your time !!!
Coda has discontinued products on website,look their ,also they have the previous Windows or current pre amps for sale.
I used a Sunfire TG with Rotel, Arcam, and then McIntosh(SS) power amps. I was shocked at how well they all sounded with the TG. Used it for 2-channel 90% of the time and was very pleased! I preferred it over my old Meridian and B&K.
Legacy is fairly old try a Coda ,or a Innersound,look at their websites.