Legacy speakers and Coda CSIb ?

Hi again, perhaps I have to ask differently about the int.amp Coda. I'm rebuilding my system from scratch and want to have a good system in place for listening Jazz and classical rock. The amp should be fairly neutral. And at the same time I want to watch movies using the same system - I'm about to buy Oppo Digital 95 which would allow me to do both. Finally, cables I have them already from my old system: NBS Omega I.
So here comes my question: would be using Coda CSI Limited or CSIb (what is the difference between both?) be a good choice together with Legacy speakers (and which model and considering that my budget is about USD 7000 for speakers?) and allow me to enjoy both : audio and video.
Cheers and thank you
Coda is used to voice Legacy speakers from what I've been told so the match would be a very good one. For that speaker budget, you can look at Legacy Focus HDs or if you can manage to eek out a bit more I'd highly recommend the Focus SEs as I've owned both. The HDs are great speakers. The SE models give that extra refinement in every possible category.