Legacy Speakers??

I have Ayon Triton powering system and am looking at new speakers--

Legacy was suggested--

Looking for feedback on this or any addl products worth auditioning-

Legacy speakers would perform well with Ayon components. Legacy does shows with Ayon. Which models were you considering? I would be glad to help you out.
Agreed, That would be a good match.
Look on Audiogon right now...a pair of Focus 20/20's for $3300 or the originals for $2400. That is a lot of speaker for the money. Just be sure your amps have the current to control the woofers. Even though they are very efficient, they need power to control the bottom end.
I sold my near mint Legacy 20/20's for $2800 shipped to CA over 2 years ago. Best speakers Ive heard at any price. I miss them to this day. One day, I hope to own a pair again.
I have a pair of 10 year old Legacy focus and despite my trying to "upgrade" several times, everytime I go shopping I end up keeping them.

As mentioned above a high current amp is best. I run a Legacy-Coda amp that does great as did a Citation 7.1 that I used for years.
Legacy 20/20 was good, Vandersteen Quatros are great in comparison. Thats what was discovered when speaker shopping last time with my father, the Legacys were boxed up and never missed.
What price range are you considering? I have owned the original Focus, listened quite a bit to the 20/20, and now own the Focus SE. The SE's are easily the best of them IMO. As mentioned above, Legacy shows their current speakers at shows with Ayon and have gotten a lot of positive comments. I heard them together at RMAF and thought they were very good. Vandersteen makes a fine speaker as well and is worthy of an audition for sure. Best thing to do is listen for yourself.
Got sold on Legacy Focus when I bought a pair of used originals locally. Owned them for a few years and upgraded to the HD's when they first came out, mated with Manley NEO250's are bliss. Great speaker for the money. Drove 4 hours to audition them and then back again to purchase. If you target the Focus spend the extra and go for the SE's, you wont regret it. They even are available in different veneers now. If they had been when they first came out I might have sprung for the them, but the black pearl didnt do anything for my decor. WAF of course.
Legacy Focus HDs are a great speaker however Jay is right, grab the SEs if you can....
About a year or so ago I had a chance to use for an extended period, a Ayon Triton with the Tyler Acoustics Woodmeres I am using. I was a wonderful match. very musical!
If I ever go back to tubes, (not likely because of the Emitter), I would go with any Ayon amp.

So you might want to look at the Tyler line for a really good match,imo. Good,high quality products at reasonable prices and you'll get to deal with a real good-guy in Ty Lashbrook, who will build exactly what you want.

Hope this helps you.