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I recently decided to purchase some legacy speakers thru Morrow audio and was wondering if anyone else out there has had problems getting your receipt for your purchase and any shipping details? It took me two days to get a receipt after having to call morrow audio then having to email mike morrow to just get a receipt. Then calling legacy to find out about shipping and they said they would get the two pair of studio hd's right out to me. After over two weeks i had to call legacy back because i still had no shipping details and was told it would be at least six more weeks. I then asked legacy if they were paid and they said no. I then called morrow audio for a refund and was told to email mike morrow and he finally called. I was told there are no refunds but after calling my banks fraud department mike decided to refund all but $100.00 for processing my debit card. Has anyone else had this kind of problems from morrow audio?
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Sorry to hear about your situation. The issue seems to be with Morrow Audio rather than Legacy speakers, so if you don't get much response I would suggest starting another post with Morrow Audio in the title.
I buy cables from Morrow and never have I had a problem. Sorry to hear that.
Exactly what did Morrow Audio DO for the $100?
I'd be pretty upset over the $100. It's not a ton of money, but it's not right. If I sell something, and it's out of stock, I don't charge my customer until it ships. Even then, I let them know there is going to be a delay. If that's unacceptable, the deals off, and he pays nothing. He's keeping your $100 why? Because you put your trust in him and he couldn't deliver? No excuse. He may be a great guy to deal with normally, but he shouldn't/doesn't need to charge you for this. (Unless he told you this up front) unless there's more to the story, I'd lean on him and my bank pretty hard.
I guess his own employees couldn't tell him for you? You had to email him yourself? Stuff like that really rubs me the wrong way when it happens to me. $100 sounds high for "processing" a card transaction.
Never purchase with a debit card.
"I recently decided to purchase some legacy speakers..."

It's a tough time in audio as well as the overall economy. Maybe he has a cash flow problem, who knows but these kind of things can happen in a small business. The real problem is a lack of direct communication from Morrow to satisfy a customer, why do you have to call and then be told to e-mail Mike Morrow directly? This is total BS. If there is little to no communication concerning money exchanges there most likely IS a problem. Something is definitely not right with your transaction and pressure should be put on Morrow to make things right. I concur with Zydo.
Sounds like Mike is in trouble. I had problems in the past with him but he always made it right in the end. His communication skills sometimes aren't the best but after a time, he made it right.
"I recently decided to buy some legacy speakers . . . "


Why not?
Have you heard Legacy Focus, Whisper, or Aeris, I'll bet if you did you'd know why. They have all earned great write ups in magazines like Absolute Sound and Stereophile. Bill Duddleston's speaker designs hold their own with any high end speaker that I've experienced at a fraction of the price of speakers like Magico, Wilson, Revel, and many others.

That's a bush league retailer.
$100 to save some bad publicity?
Seems like an easy decision for most people.
what really burned me was when i found out that mike morrow had not paid legacy and mike told me that i would have to understand that these are custom made speakers that take time to build. I am a cabinet maker in the high end millwork trade for 32 years and legacy told me they were doing a run of 60 studio hd's so who is bull craping who here. mike also asked me if i had contacted my bank and i told him i did and he was worried about getting charged twice and how long it would take him to get it straightened out and i told him then you will know how i feel. i told mike i would be posting this on audition and he said if i did i would be laughed of of here because he has such a great following.
Your last post says it all to me about Mike Morrow. What the hell is his problem about giving you a receipt promptly, immediately forwarding the order to Legacy and then having the nerve to charge you the debit fee for his actions? I'd never deal with this guy if all you say is accurate. Maybe Morrow might chime in with his version of events it there is a discrepancy from his perspective. It sure seems clear cut in this case though. Silence would not benefit him at this point.
Wow, good to know!
Much of what we take from disputes is he said/he said. However, if what went down is true, sounds like Mr. Morrow needs to rethink how he goes about things. In my book thats just flat out wrong. "laughed out a here" Please!! how arrogant.
I would definitely call Legacy again and let them know what went down. They should think very carefully who carries there line.
Mike Morrow also told me you just can't walk into a high end audio store and expect to walk out with high end speakers because they usually don't stock them. I told him i could go to stereo design in san diego and get new maggie 1.7's the same day and of course he put down those speakers. I did go to stereo design and was treated very well, told them i had a threshold t400 an arc ls2bm11 and i also had krill kst 100 and krc3. they led me into the maggie room then the b&w room and leaned me over to the maggies. THE MANAPLANER 1.7'S ARE IN MY LIVING ROOM NOW and they sound spectacular with the arc and threshold. right now i am listening to a classical station broadcasting down in baja ca with my sansui tu9900 that was modded by radiox tuners and they play classical music 24-7 with no commercials and crystal clear. bottom line, the hell with morrow audio and big thumbs up to stereo design and magnapler.
The customer placed his order and claims that a receipt was never sent him. Our order system is automatic and sends a receipt. Perhaps there was a system glitch? The system likewise sends a email that same day that Legacy speakers are hand made to order and that it can take time.

Our website is also very clear that legacy orders cannot be canceled and that all sales for legacy are final.

The customer called a few weeks later, upset and wanting to cancel the order. I mentioned that we would be glad to do that, but it would be fair to charge him the 4% credit card fee that we would be out. This is a non refundable fee charged to us by the credit card company. He seemed ok with that and we promptly refunded the rest and sent a proof of refund receipt from our credit card processing company that we received when the refund was given.

The next day he called and complained about the fee. He also said that he started a charge back on the whole purchase amount even though I sent him proof of giving the refund. He said that the email proof was not good enough. I asked him to please cancel the charge back since I did not want my account charged twice.

I also went ahead and refunded the 4% the next day after a phone call with him and giving it consideration and sent him a receipt. He likewise previously said that he would not post anything about the situation on Audiogon after threatening to do so. We refunded the full amount, why this post now?

We have done everything we can for this customer and have gone against our policy, giving him a full refund and eating the 4%. Legacy likewise was very kind and canceled the order even though the cabinets were just about finished and ready for driver installation.

I have no hard feelings agains the customer and wish him all the best in finding speakers for his system.

Mike Morrow
I have reviewed Legacy Audio products in the past and have been now involved in a review of the Morrow Audio Cables; I know Mike and Bill and have not found them to be unreasonable men.

The return policy for cables at Morrow Audio is clearly posted on their website. It does not appear that other products are discussed, but if a customer reads the policy it would seem logical that questions could have been raised in regards to a speaker purchase. One may disagree with the policy, but I do not think it fair to present the situation as though Morrow Audio was in some way trying to be duplicitous in regards to the sale.

Also, as a reviewer I have learned the following things about the industry through talking with dealers and visiting factories like Legacy Audio:

The no cancellation policy or "return for credit" is used by many dealers.

Many dealers and manufacturers do not have real-time receipts. Some mail them; there should be an expectation that these are smaller companies not as capable in terms of e-commerce as a bank or Walmart. Often even the owners themselves are involved hands on with the production such that orders are caught up on by staff periodically.

Knowing one figure for a production run at a company like Legacy audio gives little insight into the production schedule and fulfillment obligations to dealers.

Perhaps another dealer can correct me on this, but I would think product is typically invoiced at shipping.

I have attempted to remain nuetral in this discussion; it seems to be a situation where assumptions were made by the buyer and frustration expressed by the dealer. It happens, but I don't see anyone here as intentionally trying to ruin a deal.
Doug I generally respect your views and can certainly understand that you have maybe a greater insight into the character of Mike Morrow. If there is no foul on his part and from his perspective, maybe you should call him, thinking more highly of him than he seemingly demonstrated towards Vonhagen1 in their transaction. No, we don't know all the details and I for one believe there are generally 3 sides to every story....you know the rest. So far we have only heard one. The REAL problem I have with the transaction is that according to the OP the speakers would be shipped right out immediately, according to Legacy. What happened and why? It seems that the order wasn't promptly placed by Morrow even AFTER he received payment from the OP. That is a problem and is inexcusable if all those facts are correct. This is my issue as well as, if accurate, Mr. Morrow indicated to the OP that he would be "laughed out of here" if he posted this because of his following. My guess is the guy DOES have a cash flow problem or he is lackadasical in conducting his business. Maybe he has another explanation that hasn't been touched on and if he does he should chime in.
Thank you all for your input and mike morrow must have read this post because this morning morrow audio deposited $107.00 into my account so all is well but i should not have gone to this extent to get a refund. again thank you all for your support in this matter because i believe without it i would have not received my total refund. cheers