Legacy Speaker Owners Assistance Request

Moving on from my 2 yr old system and looking heavily @ Legacy speakers.

Looking for suggestions for:
Whisper XD amps
Focus SE amps
Marquis HD amps.
I understand that the XD/SE are completely different for amplification requirements.

Room size is med-large: 10,800 cu ft (36 ft/dia -circular) w/ high ceilings.

So higher power likely requires for mod-high SPL.

Thanks so much for any assistance!

Write me via email for a more detailed discussion but despite their size, number of drivers and dynamic range capabilities, all Legacy speakers I've utilized or heard are extremely efficient and do not require large amplifiers. I've know people who use SET, and medium sized/priced tube as well as solid state amplification with very good results. Personally, I have utilized Edge NL 12.1s since 2006 as a matter of personal preference due to their non-colored and very natural sound coupled with vast dynamic range to give the control over the softest as well as most demanding passages. I've also heard Legacy speakers driven by Classe monoblock and stereo amps, CODA and other amp choices and would be glad to share all the good things that I've heard.

Recently, two audiophile friends of mine who have run some sophisticated and expense amplification over the years take a chance on Emotiva's latest top of the line stereo and monoblock offerings with amazing results. They were very surprised and happy with what the new Emotiva offerings brought to the table and at the same time a bit dismayed at how much value and great sound was packed into these amps at a price point that is very accessible. It shattered a number of preconceived notions to be sure. I may be listening to them soon but given they are driving MBLs and other high-end speakers with these new amps, it may be a manufacturer you want to check out to pair with your new Legacys.

Bottom-line, from personal experience, you cannot go wrong with Edge NL amps, Maker Audio (next generation of Edge), Karan, CODA (Reference), Classe CAM-600 monos and others that I've heard.

A couple of points, one your room is very large, and two you should narrow down which speakers you are going to go with.

The Whispers employ bass amps which does take a lot of work off the main amps so do some of their new models.

I would settle on the speakers first. I would also consider for a similar price point to the Whispers the Kef Blades with a good JL sub as another awesome package.

The Legacy's speakers have been shown with great sound with the CODA electronics.

I would recommend the Chord stuff which is unbelievable sounding and they make very powerful monoblock amps.
Thanks! I listed the speakers. Should have mentioned it will be a 5.2 system with at least 2 Xtreme subs also. XD/HD front, Marquis HD Center and Focus SE rear
No one in my area has or carries the Blades so that makes it difficult.