Legacy Silver Screen issues

I currently am using a pair of Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers with a Silver Screen center. I love the 20/20's, but am not thrilled with the Silver Screen center. It sounds boxy and not all that clear. Anyone else have the same issues with it? I am thinking about going with a Paradigm C5 center.
If the silver screen has the same matching drivers your problem is somewhere else in the chain ( or problem speaker that Legacy needs to check out). I ran one with Classics for 8 years with perfect match/blend. I now have the new HD series with the same results.
Where do you have the Silver screen placed?. I had one with at one time with a pair of the original Focus. I tried it in several different locations. It sounded horrible on top of the big screen TV. I finally settled for a stand in front of the TV and placement within the room to avoid standing waves (unequal distances from room boundaries) and had good success. If placement doesn't fix the problem, I would contact Legacy. Hope this helps.