Legacy LS10 speakers?

Just trying to see if anyone has ever seen or heard of these speakers? Supposedly they are a Legacy built test pair, but they seem different in design then other Legacy speakers from the past 8-10 years.

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Have not heard of them...if they are being represented as Legacy Audio out of Springfield IL, I'd suggest giving them a call to talk about what these are and the characteristics; they are great folks and very helpful.
It's possible they were an older, one-off design, but they don't look to me like a Legacy Audio product. Could be wrong...

I concur with Zephyr, and you would find the people at Legacy happy to help answer your question. My primary hesitancy is that the mid/tweets are offset, which i don't believe I have ever seen in a Legacy Audio speaker.
Hi guys,
Your suspicions were the same as mine, especially with the offset design of the mids/highs.

Legacy was kind enough to respond to me and no one there recognized them either.

I will share this, though - they do sound pretty nice! A little rolled off on top, but otherwise a nice, coherent sound with some height and depth.
"rolled off on top...", definitely not a Legacy speaker :-)
I concur. I have a pair of Legacy Signature III's ... and rolled of highs is not an issue at all.