Legacy, local news artiicle.

Thought you might like this article from the local free weekly here in Springfield, Illinois- home of Legacy speakers. I have no affiliation with them, not trying to advertise, just an out of the ordinary view from a non- audiophile publication.
I got a chuckle out of one of the captions below one of the pictures in the article:

" prepares electronic innards for insertion into a speaker under construction".

"Innards"... only in rural America.
Great article, thanks valinar! It brings back memories.

I recall buying my first pair of speakers from Reel To Real Designs in 1987. They were just a three line ad in the back of Audio magazine.
I called and received a boatload of literature of speakers that I had never heard of before, like Vandersteen. I spent many hours talking with Bill Duddleston and even his father-in-law Jacob on the phone when Bill was working out of that garage.

I even recall Bill spending about an hour on the phone with me talking me through a tweeter swap that also required a change in the crossover. I had blown out a tweeter, and Bill had changed tweeters so he walked me through the change of tweeters and the crossover changes as well.

That was my entry into the world of high end audio.
What a great article. Even if you don't or haven't owned a pair of Legacy speakers this is a real down to earth story about a true American speaker company. I always enjoy reading the "nuts & bolts" stories like this. Muskrat what? I hated that song and still do. This is a great article about a great speaker company. Now I have to go power up my Legacy's!
Although Springfield, Capitol city of Illinois where President Obama visited yesterday to address a joint session of the State Legislature, is no large metropolis, it is neither "rural America".
I agree with you that "innards" is far from an electronic or audiophile term. One of the reasons I posted the article is to give those well versed in audiophile terms a view of high end speakers from a perspective of one apparently unfamiliar with such terms. Kind of fun to read about a high end company like Legacy some where other than the print or online audio press.

I've owned a pair of Legacy's now discontinued speakers, the Legacy Signature III's. When driven with top tier tube electronics, they can make magic. 
@valinar...Sorry!  I meant no disrespect to Springfield.  Maybe "rural" wasn't the best choice of words.

The article was indeed a change of pace from your typical audiophile coverage.
No problem. Thanks for your courtesy.

An excellent article about a great company that I have had nothing but positive experiences with. Bill is a man with a tremendous amount of passion about what he does and that passion shines through in his products.
Good press- Thanks! for sharing .
Thank you for posting this,....Legacy is a wonderful company to known and own their products....Bill and his team do an amazing job in all that they provide for their customers and I am very happy to see their continued and growing success!
Great article! I had owned Legacy speakers for 21 years and absolutely loved them. I used to go down to Springfield somewhat regularly and visit Legacy. Although I haven't  been there in several years I kinda got to know Bill on a personal basis. We would go to a now defunct local café and have lunch together and talk about everything from loudspeakers to golf. I am permanently moving from Wisc. to Arizona soon. My trip goes right past Springfield. I just might stop by and pay Bill and Legacy one last visit!
If you decide to stop in Springfield and are so inclined, drop by my place for some listening and conversation. Message me if you are up for it.