Legacy Focus vs Salk HT3

I currently have a set of the Legacy speakers and am thinking about getting the Salk's. Is anyone familiar with these two speakers who can tell me what kind of differences to expect with the Salk HT3?
OUt of curiosity, why are you selling your Focus ?
I don't know that I will sell them. I have had them for about eight years now & lately I have been thinking that I would like to try something else.
Someone out there who has heard the Legacy Focus must have some experience with the Salk HT3 or the Tyler Linbrook Sig. system. What I want to know is are there similarities in the sound of these speakers or if different, in what ways?
how- bout include RC-4's from Selah in there also.looks like a killer speaker.....
I am a current owner of the Salk HT-3 and a former owner of both the Legacy Focus and Signature. Of the two Legacy models, I much preferred the Signatures. I could never tame the bass of the Focus. I did like the Signature very much. I think it's an excellent speaker for the money.

But the HT-3 is significantly better than either Legacy. Incredible imaging, fantastic tonality, clear without any harshness. Truly disappears. Plays plenty low for normal music. Also looks way better and is more compact. They are the best speaker I've ever owned and I've owned quite a few. Maybe the best I've ever heard. Hope this helps.
Schacter,to what type of music do you predominantly listen?
Also, do you use your speakers in any kind of home theater set-up? I am curious as how they would compare in this regard as well. From reading, I have been getting the impression that for high output of rock music or movies the Legacy's would be better while the Salk would be a more refined speaker?
I have owned Legacy speakers in the past, and am very familiar with the sound of the Focus (as I considered upgrading to it years ago)... I also have heard the Salk HT-3 and I own the Tyler Linbrook Signature System.

As for comparing the Tylers to the Salks, please see my responses to a recent thread that asked for comparisons between the two... Bottom line is I loved them both, but picked the Tylers.

As for the Focus, Linbrook System and HT-3 comparison... I like the Focus a lot, but I think the Salk and Tyler speakers are really a step or two up for everything but hard rock (which I still think the Focus excel in like few others).

Both are warmer speakers than the Focus, with the Tylers the warmest of the 3 (this may or may not be a good thing depending on your tastes). The Tylers actually have more bass extension that is "faster" than the Focus (and as an owner you know that is one of their biggest strengths), while the Salks do not have the low bass extension the Focus has (but it is really good quality bass that also is faster than the Focus with nice extension regardless).

Bottom line is it all comes down to preferences... If your music of choice is hard rock, I can't really recommend a switch... If your tastes run to other music like Jazz, Vocals like Alison Krauss or Classical... then either the Tylers or Salks most likely will be a good move for you.

My system is music-only, no home theater. I listen to jazz and classical exclusively -- about 70-30 jazz. I listen to a lot of piano music, as well as small-group jazz from the 50's to the present. I don't listen to rock.

The Focus might well be better for rock ansd/or home theater. I would not agree that the Salk is "warmer" than the Focus. If anything, I would say the opposite. The Salks are VERY revealing of good (or bad) recordings or imperfections in your system.