Legacy Focus position switches.

Hi and Thank you in advance. There are three toggle swithes near the speaker terminals. I looked in my manual and could find no explaination as to what each one does. I know they are for room equalization. But what position or combinations do what to the crossovers? drivers? I can hear a difference but don't like not knowing what I doing.
Information would help a lot. I am going to write Legacy also.
go to www.legacy-audio.com, you can view online and print the owner's manuals. I have Focus' also, it is in owner's manual. Section 6, page 9 of manual. All switched up represents anechoic flat position. Switch 1 is low frequency impedance contour for high current amps, leave up if biamp and have power to drive B6 alignment properly. Put switch 2 down to soften midrange presence. Put switch 3 down toreduce dgeiness in lower treble. You can also do a LOT by moving them around if you have room. They need room to breathe.
Why don't you call Legacy 1-800-283-4644, they have a very helpful customer serves staff.