Legacy Focus? A good speaker?

Is it considered high-end speaker? How does it sound? What price is a good buy for it? What is other good speaker in its price range? I'll use Bryston 4BST amp. Thanks
I love my Focus speakers. They're clean sounding, efficient, and dynamic. Some people state that in comparision with other speakers in this price range, the highs are too directional and the transits a little soft. Legacy, itself, states that it's Whisper speaker (at twice the price) and Empire (a little more expensive) are more "accurate" in sound. Both the Whisper and Empire did not appear as dynamic as the Focus to me. A Legacy representative told me that the Focus speaker was their number one seller--more so than their lesser priced speakers.
I own this speaker for a year,never could get it to sound right,tried different pwr amps and pre amp combinations including the bryston 4bst,tried different cables to no avail.I agree with the above in the fact that they are very dynamic and i will add that they have incredible bottom end and the build of the cabinets are flawless,but for critical 2ch musical listening they fall short.they would make great home theater speakers.MY biggest gripe with the legacy focus is the use of cheap parts.my focus had $25 panasonic tweeters,hopefully there using something better now,also the bottom supports,a pair of plastic braces that you screw into the speaker.AT $5000 dollars it's robbery.
Yes, they're an excellent speaker. I have quite a large room, which is a plus with the focus. If one doesn't have that much space to position these speakers correctly, then maybe something else would be in order. The Focus are a large speaker. The build quality of my focus are excellent, although the plastic feet are puzzeling. The bass extention is fantastic. Qite a few other speakers out there would require a sub woofer to get the same bass response you get from the Focus. My Focus cost me $2350.00 used, and you would be very hard pressed to find another speaker at that price to match the Focus. Everybody has their own tastes as to what they like in a speaker. For build quality, sound reproduction, aesthetics, and value, I personaly feel that the Legacy Focus are in the same league with any other of the high-end speaker manufacturers, bar none. However, what it all comes down to is what you like in a speaker. My wife and I like loud rock music mostly and the Focus do that well. Let your own ears be the judge, not someone elses. Just because one person likes liver and onions doesn't mean that you will (we all have different tastes).
Oh, I never got around to answering your questions. Sorry about that, got off on my drooling over my speakers. Yes they are considered a high-end speaker. I don't know how to explain how they sound, I'm not up on all that high fallutin' speaker sounding lingo (airy, wide open like I-95, or whatever) they just soung great to my wife and I. I replaced my Infinity Kappa 8's with the Focus and there is no comparison... WOW! I would consider a price between $2200.00 to $3000.00 to be a good price for these speakers, provided they are in excellent shape. Other good speakers? Well, you might want someone elses opinions there, I can only honestly comment on what I am listening to in my own audio room. The 4BST would power these speakers very well. The Focus are extremely efficient.