Legacy Concert Master?

Never heard of these, are they from Legacy Audio? Saw a pair listed online as demos for 36k. Serious driver array:
4" air motion folded ribbon with neodymium magnetic poles.

Dual 8" wide band midranges with cast baskets from Valencia, Spain with a proprietary composite cone.

Dual 10" midwoofers with cast baskets and curvilinear aluminum cone.

Dual 12" subwoofers with cast baskets, aluminum cone and patented magnetic structure.
Yes that's it. I don't see it anywhere on Legacy's website and was wondering if it was a custom order, a new model or...?
It may be a newer model, or one of a kind. The footers appear to be the newest ones by Legacy Audio. The drivers, except for the mids, look like Legacy Audio. 

Best to speak to the speaker company before any consideration.