Legacy Classics and Tubes

Can i drive my Legacy Classics with a Leak stereo 20 ? The Classics are 90 db sensitivity at 4 ohms.

I have Classics and have driven them with Audio Valve monoblocks(Dynaco MK IV) modded to run in triode at 20 watts. No problem unless you like it really loud.

I normally run mine with Manley monoblocks in triode mode at 60 watts.

I would say 30-40 watts would give you all you need for non-extreme listening.

I have even run them an with 8 watt 300b amp. They handled it well if I stayed away from rock and orchestral. Light jazz and acoustic was fine at moderate volumes.
Thanks. I wanted to confirm before plugging everything in. My reasoning was the fact that i used some Cicada loudspeaker when the amp was at the repair shop and the amp sounded so powerful that i could not believe it.
Yes Legacies are very efficient so I would wager it would be a great match. Their is probably an old review of the Signature III speakers floating around, where the reviewer used tube amplification with very good results.
I use to use my Cary 2A3 monoblocks (5 watts/Ch) to successfully drive my Legacy Signature III's which are 92% efficient, I believe.