Legacy Classic HD 2008

I had the older Classics for 10 years. The new HD is a whole new ballgame. For one is the bass. Punch,power,weight,tight, detail and in control..... real world bass! The newer HD has only one tweeter and 2 8" woofers in the front ( not 2 10" back to back ). Ported in the back and no rear firing tweeter. The new shape makes them not look as tall,but are still 44" and 95 lbs ( 110 older). The adjustable stainless steel machined feet and binding posts are as nice as anyone could ask for. No plastic runners with brass spikes. But with the Black Pearl finish runs 4,400.00. ( 3,000.00 10 years ago ) So the upgrade from the standard box design and first class hardware is reflected in the price. One thing did take me off guard. My Bryston Amp did not fair well at all. The 6Bsst was not a good match for me. I happen to know Doug at Coda and the match was what I expected, or wanted to hear from the Bryston. To make it short.... right! Top to bottom as I would expect..... but with only one small part in the very top end on SOME recordings and bad cd's sound bad. I am still running the Bryston 1.7 as my preamp.( bought a used Cary here to replace it) I will have a new Coda dedicated matching 2 channel Pre soon. I am playing CD's on a new Rega Appolo. My cables are balanced mogami and a Chord rca on the Rega. I have a dedicated 20 amp outlet with a Richard Gray Power Company 400 Pro. But I also ordered a new Furman Elite 20 PFi to try out. The Legacy HD IS a whole new sound. One I really like. For those who did not care for their older speakers......... the HD line is truly a new make over from the new drivers to craftsmanship and hardware....... SOUND! They are very revealing.... for a lack of audiophile lingo...LOL! In a good way. Vocals sound "human", Kick drums kick, and the Dobro played by Jerry Douglas sounds like a Dobro! Jazz and Classical sounds so good it makes me want to buy new CD's. ( and I'm not a big fan LOL! ) But I have around 300 CD's that covers everything except opera...LOL! Now all this leads to my questions. Has anyone here tried the new HD Classic? And if so, what are you or others using or set up?
I received the new Coda preamp and it sounds great. The Bryston in bypass mode sounded great. But the volume control had a large slope in the gain. The Coda has a 2 db volume adjustment starting at 0. It's easier to bump up the volume to a specific volume level. I like that. I have another question. A lot of preamp processors have a bypass mode as to give you a pass through analog 2 channel stereo playback. But it is really as good as a real dedicated 2 channel Pre? I will be getting my Cary 11 preamp processor that I got here used this week. It has a 2 channel bypass. But I have decided to keep a dedicated 2 channel Pre for when I want to really listen to my CD's or an A B test. The only hitch is changing the outputs from one unit to the other. I was told that I could hook up the Cary in the processor in/out of the Coda. Leave the Coda connected. Does anyone here do that.... use their 2 channel preamp and then switch to their processor when they listen to movies in surround sound?