Legacy Classic HD

Has anyone heard these, and if so can you please comment about the sound, particular smoothness, detail and neutrality.

You should also check out the Legacy user forums at Legacy Audio's website. There are people there who own the latest Classic HDs that would be glad to share their listening experiences with you. If you want to talk about the Focus HDs or SEs from a listening perspective please let me know and I'll be glad to have a chat with you (I'm not a dealer, just a home audio user of Legacy products for many years).
I own a pair of the Classic HD's and have owned many Legacy products over the years. As with most speakers, they require some work in placement to get the bass right on them as well as some room treatment. Neutrality is a hard thing for me to comment on as I don't have an absolute reference, but what they do extremely well is sound right (at least to my ears). Dynamic capabilities are excellent. Imaging and soundstaging are well above average. I find their sound very smooth with well above average detail. Legacy's specs for bass extension seems to be just about dead on. With the mic set up on my Velodyne DD 12, they measure flat to about 30 hz with plenty of energy in the 25 hz range. I have heard speakers that do individual things better, but the Legacy's are incredibly fun to listen to and I never tire of listening to them even during extended listening sessions. I find them to sound good on all types of music. Unlike some high resolution speakers, even bad recordings are very listenable. They will also play loud when called upon to do so without sounding stressed, at least in my medium sized room. All of this is just my opinion, but they are definitely worth an audition.