Legacy Classic HD

Has anyone had any experience with this speaker?

Took a trip to the factory once (Springfield, IL) and heard most of the line (Whisper, Focus, etc.).
The Classic (not HD?) was the best of the lot IMO.
I'd really like to hear the corian cabinet version.
I love Legacy speakers. If I could buy another pair of 20/20's I used to have, I would. These speakers just make great music, period.
Weather permitting I'm headed to the factory this Friday to do some listening.

I was at RMAF this year and I heard Legacy speakers for the first time. I was totally blown away by the Focus SE and the Whisper model with the ICE amps in them. I went back to their area 3 or 4 times.

I had the guys do a quick demo of the Classic HD. They seemed to be quite nice as well but I didn't get to give them a decent listen. That's one of the reasons I'm headed to the factory. One of the things I'm considering is the size and weight of the speakers. The Classics are around 100 pounds each and would be fairly easy to move around. The Focus models weigh around 200 pounds each and would be a bear to move around.

Hey Sthomas, there are two pairs of the Focus 20/20 listed for sale right now here on audiogon.

I would love to hear your comments about the Focus vs the entry level whisper model after you go. I keep hearing whispers are light in bass output despite the huge woofer area. Please post your findings when you return
Dave (Dio): Did you make it to the factory? How was your listening session and what do you think of the Classic versus the SE for your purposes? I have frequently moved the 20/20s, HDs and SEs around by myself and can share some info with you about how it can be manageable.
Hi this my first post and am looking for some advice on the comparison between the Legacy Classic HD and the Focus HD. The Focus is a physical monster (wife likes the Classic better because of size). I have not had a chance to listen to these speakers and that is a problem with comparison. I have a Mastersound Duetrenta tube and am looking for a higher efficiency speaker. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks!
Hi Kurz,

If you're looking for something to get you close to the sound of the Focus SE, in a smaller package, I think you'll like the Classic HD.
I've auditioned both the Focus SE and the Classic HD.
What size room are you putting them in?

At 94dB they are certainly efficient enough.
I see there's a a review here- Classic HD
I was really impressed by their ability to show all of the details in the music. It really made listening to music, an exciting experience.