Legacy Audio Signature SE : Wanting to listen in NYC

I'm familiar and love the sound the legacy audio Focus SE speakers .. but my home isn't large enough to accommodate them. I'm thinking of getting a pair of Signature SE's ... but I would LOVE to hear them first.

Does anyone have these speakers in the NYC area?  I would be forever grateful just an hour of listening time .. just to see how they compare to the Focus SE's I'm used to.

   Thank you!

      - Tim
If you call Mike Sastra at Audioclassics.com they are in Vestal NY and he might have a pair or know someone.

+1 for cleeds' recommendation to reach out to @audiodoctor There are other dealers as well.

You may also want to consider the Calibre.
Dear Tim

We are a displaying Legacy dealer with the Signatures on display we also have the Aeris as well.

We also sell quite a number of other great loudspeakers, includiing Kef, Dali, and Paradigm, ATC, Elac, Quad,  and a few others.

The Legacy Signatures are one of our absolute favorite loudspeakers for a number of reasons:

1: They are a lot of speaker for $7k
2: They are smaller then the Focus
3: They are a nice size not too big to not work in realistic sized rooms and physically too big compared to the physically larger Focus.
4: They are not ported so the bass is very tight compared to the ported Focus.
5: Other than the above reasons they sound like a smaller sized version of the Focus, we had both and decided to sell off our Focus as the smaller Signature is just a more practical speaker.

If you like the Focus you will also love the Signatures.

So you should definatetly pop in for a demo.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I do own these, in fact bought these from Audio Doctor...I'd suggest dropping by Dave's or if you want, you can drop in and listen to them at my place...but I'm not sure when I can arrange that...