Legacy Audio "V" Statement/Flagship Speaker...

Wondering if anyone heard them at RMAF 2014 and could share some listening impressions. The photos that are starting to pop up certainly make a profound statement as to how beautiful they are....
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Mark, I'm sorry to say that the one time I made it to Legacy room it was just after 6p and the sweet spot was hogged by a tipsy woman who would not stop gabbing with her girlfriend. I had to get up and leave. Unfortunately we never made it back.
Sure did! The Legacy V was easily the best speaker of the show. It was the best speaker I've ever heard, period... by a long shot.

Incredible dynamics across the full frequency range, and clarity that is so good it is scary. I've heard Stevie Ray Vaughan on everything, but on the V I heard details in the recording I've never heard before- now all crystal clear.

I walked around the room- the sweet spot is HUGE. I could not believe what I was hearing. This is a huge step up in speaker performance.

They had an iPad for adjusting the speaker- it was very simple to use. Just grab a bass, mid or treble slider and go for it.

The Absolute Sound reviewer had said Aeris was the avatar for the next generation of what speakers should be. The V is that next generation speaker, arrived.

And yes, they are beautiful in person!
Anyone get an idea what these speakers will cost?
Did Magico have a room if so how did it sound?
Leave it to ebm to infuse a post about magico in a non-magico thread. Bravo, ebm, well done!

50K . Ebm, how does your question pertain to this thread?
I don't think they announced a price for the speakers, but talk seems to be around $50k.

Secrets reviewer gave the Legacy best in show, tied with the $195k Focal Grand Utopia.
What 50k?? I love to infuse please forgive me!!
I find there quality of build a big put off. I had the whisper and as good as they sounded it never was musical enjoyment. I found the SH50 from Danley alot more musical.
Thank you guys for your feedback pertaining to the V above....Stereophile has some great looking photos and I am eagerly awaiting the comments from their reviewer and TAS. A new review has just popped up that adds detailed and very high praise for the speaker; don't know if the copy-past of the URL will be permitted but here it is pointing to theaudiotraveler dot com site.

I also wonder about the build quality considering it's 50k. I personally don't like the looks that much particularly the sides and the back. I think it has so much going on in the front with the 7/8 drivers that having a simple side and back would look much better.
Sorry but I don't feel they were the BEST sounding at the show, to me actually forgettable. I visited numerous times during my three day visit, walking out with the same thoughts.
Dev,...thanks for letting me know. I have not heard them an am looking for a chance to do so. What did you wind up liking of all you heard at the show?

In the same room I actually preferred your speaker model, found it to be musical.

Honestly no system at the show impressed me to the point of opening up my wallet, what was the most interesting was the CANJAM area. I did pick-up some cables for my Shure SE846's and Sennheiser HD800's , also purchased a new can - I have a AK240 for portable usage and does a fine job.

Was my first visit and most likely my last, most fun was after the show day ended and meeting up with others, making new friends, eating, telling stories and laughing - that was a blast.

I have a local show to go to, end of the month called Taves http://taveshow.com/brands-shown/ Still small in comparison, many years ago they use to have great shows and then it just died "wasn't called TAVES" Last few years some have got together trying to make it a go - has been held at the King Edward Hotel, was okay but nothing special. New place this year is larger and looking at the show site - venders and product should be interesting.

Shows that peak my interest are the CES and Munich, Munich at the top of the list.
Thanks for the feedback...I find the AERIS to be incredibly so in that regard with large degrees of presence and realism to boot. Overall, one hell of a speaker that I can spend many years enjoying. I've only been able to do 1 audio show of any note over the years, that being AXPONA back in 2011; there were a couple of rooms that sounded good enough to prompt a desire for a more detailed listen but what I found in many cases, particularly with some big expensive names is that I took away the impression that I did not hear what all the fuss was about either because the rooms were not good, the synergy of the equipment in the room was not quite right or in some cases with speakers, they were simply too hard on the ears for extended listening even though they were technically a great 'audiophile' grade speaker....I agree the best part of the shows was meeting the good people, both vendor and audio zealot alike and having great conversations, sharing meals and stories, etc....I've alos heard Munich is 'the' show if ever a chance presents itself to attend. CES does not make it too my list though; too many people and too diffuse a purpose for my tastes....Thanks again!
Legacy Audio building world class systems for over 30 years making the unthinkable doable has debuted their new "V "speaker system. The ground breaking Wavelet *tm technology optimizes room acoustics with both frequency and time domain. Read the latest review here: http://lnkd.in/bPbjfuB
@ Dragon how old were your Whispers?
I might be tempted to agree slightly with the build quality but what are we comparing them to.
That and after seeing a pair of the sapele in a gloss finish I was blown away.
@ Dev Munich is the show of shows.
TAVES meh!
Zeph I love the Aeris and after spending several intimate hours with three different pairs I go why can't I have that sound until I fire up the Whispers lol Totally different animals though but I still prefer the Whisper XDs with a a pair of Extremes.
It's the difference between a Bently and a Masi! lol
Out of all the shows I have been to my fav was Acapella horns with a pair of Einstein tube monos.
The closest thing I have heard to properly tuned Legacy actives was the JBL Everest.
Evolutions were pretty good too!
@ Dev I'll have to check those Danleys out at 6k.
Thanks Tobb....the Whisper is an amazing speaker that simply disappears in the room and images like a true panel speaker but with alot more to offer (IMHO). I am keen to see the next gen of Whisper whenever that may be given Bill never rests and is continuously looking for ways to improve things. With "V" about to come out and AERIS a clear success, it will be interesting to guess about the next-gen of Whisper.

Still loving the AERIS here; I have not even grabbed a mic and the processor to do any tweaking for the room, that comes next!

BTW....the link below now collects all the various reviewer feedback links from RMAF on "V" into one location that you can click around and get to the specific articles. Some high praise appears to have been awarded from a lot of different reviewers;


Also...if you go here for AERIS, and click on the "Details" tab below the picture of the speaker mid-page, there is an updated and very long list of articles and reviews that you can jump to for AERIS;


If anyone wants to hear AERIS and is ever near Greenville SC, please let me know and we can grab some great music and do some serious listening.
Zephyr I'll mirror that invite hear on the Wet Coast.
Let me know how you feel once you dial them in.
The difference for me was like turning the. lights on.
Trust me the quality of the build is not up to part on The Legacy Speakers. Shoving a ton of Drivers and letting the Processor do the job is a bit like Building your own Set of Speakers with top quality drivers but using a active crossover which corrects the speakers response etc etc to the room.

The Danley SH50 Speakers are more musical, emotional, scary dynamics, More Coherent than the Legacy Speakers.

Remember when you have a tons of drivers all working together time alightment starts to be a big Problem! You guys really need to hear the SH50 with Tube Amplifiers I have never cried so much in my listening room when I had the Danley setup properly with Tubes.
The SH50 are a Bargain, For music and movies its throws a wall of sound. They are slightly rough on the top edge but this can be tamed easily. They are brutal with detail retrieval.
Thanks Tobb....what city?

Dragon_vibe: I'm glad you found set of speakers that you like and must be having a good experience with. You've left several of these same extremely negative posts about Legacy build quality on almost every thread you've visited in the last few weeks. Care to move on to more positive pursuits?
Yo Z - I'll come to Greenville and hear your rig! Not that far from the dash. Plus I owned Focus HDs for a couple years, loved them. The neighbors didn't though.
Tobb: Where are you on the West Coast? I get out there for work at times....would love to hang out and listen!

Scott: Let's hook up over the in-mail system here and figure out dates to get together!
BTW....hung out at Legacy for few hours this past week since I was nearby in STL on business. Spent all that time with the Vs....what an amazing speaker. They fill the room with an amazingly dense, 3D and musical soundstage; they really are a SOTA speaker. I fear they are bigger than even my new room can handle, though they do an amazing job at extremely low volume levels still filling the room with all I mentioned above. They are incredibly lifelike in terms of the music they convey. I will say however, every time I've "Listened upwards" in the Legacy and many other lines over the years, I've left the listening room usually with a desire to move up the chain as soon as humanly possible. Thanks to the AERIS however, this is the first time I believe I've ever left the room knowing just how good what I just listened to were but also just how good what I was returning home to were as well. Believe me, if I had two sizable rooms and unlimited budget and/or better WAF, and/or a very large room so that I could have both sets of speakers up front and swap between them and/or better WAF :-) , in all of these cases, I would have BOTH "V" and AERIS beyond a shadow of a doubt given what I've just heard for the 2nd time....
Hope you all have been doing well...I recently exchanged the XILICA 4080 DSP for the newest WAVELET setup for AERIS target functions and the results are very impressive with this combo; the WAVELET removed the 2-3 issues I had left with room interaction in certain bass frequency discrete ranges, and timing and coherency of the overall image. The results are dramatically better and extremely enjoyable. I'm also testing a bespoke DC power supply replacement for stock wall wort DC power supply that ships with Wavelet. Larry at HDPlex did one hell of a job building a 100W linear, regulated DC power supply with XLR5pin to XLR5pin cable output to route audio-grade DC into the Wavelet.   The system performance and that of the Wavelet took a jump within a very short period of time with this new power supply upgrade....very impressive(!), write me here on on private email for more detail.