Legacy Audio Impulse

Has anyone heard or is familiar with a Legacy Audio Impulse integrated amplifier produced for Legacy by Coda Technologies of Sacramento, CA? I believe it has 200W into 8 ohm and 350W into 4 ohm. Any comments on the sound, build quality, etc?
I have never heard that model but my friend has a Coda amp and build quality looks quite good and I've heard good things about Coda overall. Legacy selected Coda after much research and they are supposed to work well with their speakers. I prefer tubes but the Coda amp my friend has sounds good for a solid state amp. I've never heard anything bad about Coda and they have been around for a while. My friend uses his Coda amp on the woofer section of his Legacy Whisper HD's and it does a great job on the bottom end. Note that even the best amplifiers made don't mix well with all speakers and amp/speaker matching is on a case by case basis in most situations. Try one with your speakers first if at all possible.
I actually own 3 Legacy Impulses. They are very good pieces. Well built and sound fantastic. You won't go wrong with it. I did do one upgrade though. This was recommended by the guys at Coda and easy to do. I upgraded the volume control IC from the Cirrus Logic to the Burr Brown. The volume may be a little more precise but nothing drastic. You can get them from Texas Inst. Request samples and you can get them for free. If you need any other info. Give me a shout.