Legacy Audio I-V2 anyone?

Pretty sure my next speakers will be legacy focus and wondered about their amps.


I have no experience with class d.


curious if you have them what your thoughts are. If you had them why did you move on?


also, has anyone heard a complete legacy system?

I’l inclined to go to CODA amps but am curious about Legacy’s offerings.


One of the major online review sites did a review of that amp, only with a few more power modules in it and gushed over it.  Sorry I can’t remember the name. It was around 6 months ago.  He said the sound was effortless and pretty much perfect in every way.  Hope this helps

I owned an iV-4 Ultra and an iV-2 to tri-amp a custom pair of Signature SE using their Wavelet 2 processor. The amps are uncolored and very powerful. I moved up to a pair of internally tri-amped Aeris. Had I stayed with the Signatures, I would have stayed with the amps. 

What did you decide to do? 

I'm just seeing your comment, but I own two Legacy iV6 amps which power:

1)  Pair of Wisdom Audio L150Ms 

2)  Wisdom Audio C38 center channel 

4)  And 4 Sonus Faber Sonetto Atmos speakers. 

Previously I was powering the speakers with McIntosh MC303 and MC452 and I feel like the Legacy amps are an upgrade.   

My rig is both for 2 channel and home cinema. 

I am in the process of trading in the iV6 for a pair of iV3 Ultras and an iV2 Ultra.  I wanted to do this in the beginning but was tight on space.  

You will love these amplifiers. 



no decision yet. Interested in the v1s or the dual mono single chassis v2.


for the price of monos it’s I. coda #8 territory .