Legacy Audio Focus SE to XD upgrade

Are there any Legacy Audio Focus SE owners who have upgraded to the Focus XD model?  What are your impressions after upgrading your SE toXD model.  My SE's are sounding incredibly good now, and I'm a little hesitant to change anything.  
I am really looking to hear from those SE owners who have done the XD upgrade.
in advance, thanks!
Talk to Bill Dudleston of Legacy. He can give you a definitive answer. That is what I did when I bought Legacy and upgraded.
Thanks mr_m.  I've spoiled already spoke with Bill, and he was very helpful.  However, I'd like to hear from someone who has actually made the upgrade to get their thoughts.
I totally understand. I haven't owned either speaker, so I can't speak from experience, but I believe the XD has a powered subwoofer section. That said, you can expect an increase in midrange and high frequency resolution as your main amp doesn't have to work so hard to power the entire speaker. This isn't just a modest increase. It is quite noticeable and worth the extra cost. I did this with my system adding a powered subwoofer with the same dramatic results. Just my opinion though. Others may contest the increase.
Great topic louisl, one which I am researching now. I think you should sell me your SE's and move up. Then you can let us know. ;-)
I have a pair of original Legacy Focus from the late 90s which has 3-12" woofers and for years I wanted to upgrade something. Not because they were lacking really but I have them in a huge room and I use the system in stereo and home theater. So instead of changing the speakers I decided to add a powered a sub. I got a Rythmik Audio FV15HP and have had it a few years now. Although you may THINK your big cabinet speakers are producing the bottom octave, they really aren't. I use my receiver to handle the sub crossover and I think its currently crossed at 60 or 80hz and the difference is staggering. The big servo sub takes a lot of load off the speakers and main amps (Emotiva mono blocks) and it was easy to integrate and the sound is amazing. Its the longest I have ever had any speakers and I still love my Focus
edonsmith,  I got a chuckle out of your discovery, "Although you may THINK your big cabinet speakers are producing the bottom octave, they really aren't." Yup. Nearly all speakers regardless of size can benefit from subs that are complementary and well set up.
Just noticed your post.  I have the Focus SE and it is the latestest iteration.  I am in the process of considering the HD upgrade with the Wavelet.  I believe without the Wavelet there will be minimal benefit.  Legacy indicated they can do it in one day for $2000 and the cost of the Wavelet.

Have you done yours?