Legacy Audio Focus 20/20 spikes

Anyone know a good spike system for these speakers? As many owners know they come with two supports stands under them. It not only raises them a little high(dont go down in carpet) but they rock. When using spikes in the bottom of these the speakers are very high. making the tweeter over your head. Ive seen alot of people using custom spikes. Whats some of the best to use and not over priced? I can think of two options Im currently looking into.

1.Legacy Focus HD spikes
2.Martin Logan Ascent I ETC spikes

both would probably be solid. But I know the ML's arent cheap. Good news is I have 3 of those already from a old Descent sub I had.
Maybe some audiopoints?

Call legacy and ask them. They are very helpful. The construction of the bottom may be as thick as 1.5" - I don't know for sure though.
Ive tried calling Legacy before on this and sending a email. Ive never had good luck with there service in over 4 years. I needed a driver once and they said they couldnt get them any more and only had diaphrams. Speaker was 2 years old and under warranty. They sent me a freee diaphram eventually, it didnt do the job. Driver still had crackle in it. So I shipped the whole driver to them. They put a new diaphram in and suprise, still buzzed when I got it back. Needless to say I spent a lot of hours and tracked down a driver from a 3rd party that was of the same make. It worked perfect. Bottom line, they had no drivers, because the company that made them , quit making them for them. I will gladly give there spikes a try if they reply. I just sent them another email today. Thanks for your suggestion, I appreciate the time.
Legacy has still not emailed me. There service is absolutely worthless in my experience. If I didnt feel that the focus 20/20's were the best sounding speakers Ive ever heard, I wouldnt ever buy a Legacy speaker.
I have the new Classic HD's. They come with a whole new adjustable spike system. I ended up getting the rubber feet/extensions from Legacy. I too have a carpet floor on concrete and getting them so they are solid and don't rock is an issue. The rubber feet/ extensions allowed me to raise the speakers up above the carpet and then adjust or get them level. Now I don't know if they fit your 20/20's or if you can modify or switch to the new system. I hope you call back and talk to Legacy about your issue. Maybe ask for Zach? or have him call you back. If it were me, I would modify my 20/20's with what the new HD's offer. Let me or us know if you get your issue solved.
I asked Legacy if they had a upgrade kit. They said they didnt. However, performance wise, Im 100% happy with the focus. I just wanted to get some nice spikes to dig down deep so they dont rock like they do with the stock legs. You can put spikes in the bottom of those from the factory, but it places the tweeter way to high. I wish Legacy could have made the speaker slightly taller, and put 1 of the 2 front 12" woofers on top, to balance the sound and also to bring the tweeter down to perfect ear level in most chairs. Maybe it wouldnt sound as good, I dont know. But this seams like a good idea.
I found that removing the bottom rails (on HD requires a square-driver) and replacing rails and spikes with Black Diamond Racing's Super Jumbo pucks gave great sonic results and a very stable footing for the speaker.

If you are still looking for better quality spikes, etc...you may also want to look at the heavy spikes and other items sold by Mapleshade...
I removed my rails about a month ago. I also found over all improvements. Maybe the bass is slightly more muddy, but its very faint, and it puts the tweeter at the desired level which overall makes them a little better.

Either way, best overall speakers Ive ever heard.
Sthomas: What type of floor is the speaker on? If on carpet, try the BDR Super Jumbo Pucks; I found that they brought the bass to a point where it was super-tight and deep.