Legacy Audio Class D Amps--has anyone heard one, or own one?

Hey guys,

I’m in the market for a good stereo class d amplifier. Mostly to replace the one I own that broke, (The deadbeat company, Class D Audio, won’t honor the warranty.....another thread.) but I happen to like the sound of them as well. I’m considering Bel Canto, but I’ve also taken notice of Legacy Audio’s offering, the Powerbloc. It’s based on the IcePower topology, which I like more in some ways than others, such as wired 4 sound. Has anyone heard the Legacy amps? How do they compare to Bel Canto? Thanks.
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Can’t help you with comparison bacause I know NOTHING about Bel Canto, but I do own some Legacy Monobloc amps (450 wpc) and high current preamp. (I believe they have a less powerful version as well, although I’ve never seen them) 
along with a couple pair of Legacy speakers 

they are class A/AB amps (Not class D) IMHO, NO better amp for the $$.  They drive anything I throw at them effortlessly!  
Highly recommend them!!!
The biggest problem is finding them?  Rarely ever see them for sale.  If you know of some for sale that your not gonna buy??  Please pass the info on!!

I believe the OP is referring to the current Legacy amplifier offerings, which are indeed class D. Not sure what module they use in them though. The older amps were sourced from Coda Technologies and are indeed very good. They were biased into class A at low power and switched to AB.I have never heard the newer series of amps. 
Yes csmgolf, thanks for that. I was indeed referring to the current Legacy Audio amplifiers, which are class d. But I had no idea they made an AB amp in the past. They're quite good then?