Left to right cable mismatch

I hope I didn't permanently screw anything up. After years of pleasurable listening I discovered that my phono cables from my TT were connected reversed- my left signal was going to the channel of amplification and my right signal was going to my left channel of amplification. I cautiously have now reversed things and wonder have I permanently harmed my amplification, my turntable or my phono cartridge? Have I disturbed the Earth's magnetic field? Will the earth's poles reverse? Will the Earth's rotation reverse? Will the molten core solidify? I now think I hear subtly veiled messages in my Beatles LPs. I'm afraid to play any Doors LPs.

If I've been the cause of any of this, sorry in advance-
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I want what your smoking...
Things can only get better now.
No.. it may sound better though.
Not only better, correct :)
I think my cross wiring was responsible for yesterday's election results. To any democratic audio buds, sorry. To any republican audio buds, you're welcome.