Left on DVD Too long ? sad mistake ?

Hello ,

I did a silly thing I have my cable TV connected to the dvd player-recorder[ a panasonic] and I left it on for months . I was not using it but it was on . I went to put a dvd in just now and it did not respond to the open or close command to put the dvd in . I was able to turn it off by the remote and hope it will cool off or mend the problem .
It didn't feel very hot, I really hope I didn't burn anything out .

I would very much appreciate any suggestions .

I never turn off my digital players. They work better that way. My cd player hasn't been off since I got it(save for the odd power outage)You should be fine.
Boy that sound hopeful, but there is a message that comes on " please wait " when I turn it on, and it doesn't change ..... I press open to put in a dvd ,,, no responce . The unit worked perfectly a some month ago and is hardly used .

Unplug it for a couple of minutes, then plug it back in, it may work.
I disconnected it for a half hour and no change . It says " please wait " as soon I plug it in. It does not respond to change settings buttons or any thing . Panasonic DRM-E85H .

dvd player-recorder[ a panasonic]
My Panasonic DVD Recorder is set to shut off after 6 hours unattended. In the set up menu different choices of shut off time are given.
Check your owners manual for trouble shooting....

Are you sure it didn't get zapped by lightning from your CATV?
Yes I am sure not much lightning around here
thanks .
Hi Alex,
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I telephoned Panasonic at 800-561-5505 and they were very helpful, albeit it took them a while to actually pick up the phone. I suggest that you unplug your DVD player for 24 hours and hope for the best. There may also be a way to do a "reset" by pushing two buttons at once. This should be somewhere in your owner's manual. Good luck!
(Now, I wish someone would respond to my thread. LOL!)
I second the 'reset' suggestion. there's gotta be a simple way to do it. check the manual.
I just got off the phone with the panasonic teck and trouble shooter . we tried unplugging it and resetting by pressing ch-up & down at the same time for 10 sec then, stop button & ch - up 10 sec . press and hold power button , It shuts off it shuts on it shows the correct time and it all ends in " PLEASE WAIT '' . and that is all wont's to do .
What am I not doing write ? the unit is make in march 04 but is like new I used it 6 times .


The unit is five years old and dead, accept and move on.
Thank you every one !

I will try the 24h unplug . Panasonic said they would service it for $130 no shipping charge .

should I service & fix it ??? It's hardly used .

No, move on.
Newer/better technology can be bought for far less money than 5 years ago.

The answer is- are you nuts?- absolutely do not try to refurbish a fried DVD player that is five years old.
I agree that you should use all your coping skills and move on.
This is not a very expensive item to buy right now in view of the obvious conversion to blu-ray. You can buy one that cost $250 when first marketed a year or so ago for $60 at your local big box store or internet "electronics" vendor.
It is no where new BTW you had current in the circuit for ?how many hours? Even if unplayed, you have thought you could have burned something out.

With regard to leaving things on I used to do that, but now I don't . The reason is most of my stuff is tube and I use pretty good (read cost too much) tubes. A respected tube dealer and Citation restorer/modder Jim McShane on tube asylum thinks it is a sin to consume great old tubes by leaving them on idle. The downside is that of all things tube equipment takes the longest to "warm up". On average it takes an hour minimally to be in the best playing condition.
should I service & fix it ??? It's hardly used.
I would say if it was made in China no.... Don't waste your money.

2004, good chance it was made in Japan. If so I would spend $130.
This was made in japan , I agree about the china comment big time ! but all these thing are made of virtual crap it seems, and I am so tied of brake downs I have a samsung a 4 years old and now that doesn't work . the only thing that keeps on working is the fisher fvh4511 VCR that is older and was cheap .

Made in japan is a good thing but this model panasonic has had problems I have now researched

Whats really good out there, and not pricey& Strong ???

An Oppo DV-980h $169

Sony Playstation 3 off Craigslist $250

Pulleeeze... China makes perfectly fine products. What more do you want for the price people expect to pay for things.

Just don't buy a GM, Ford, or Chrysler.

Granted given all things being equal, I would buy a German, Swiss or Japanese product.
The playstation 3 is an interesting idea because it is meant to be used more interactively and is stronger ?
But how is it just for playing DVD's
as good as the panasonic ?

nothing being equal, I always buy vintage cars 50's and 60's

and things made in Europe or older american products.