Left channel produces NO sound.......Help needed

I have an Ear 834p phono pre. I discovered that my left channel produces no sound. All connections are secure.When I play my cdp I get normal sound from both speakers. Could a tube have blown in the Ear unit? I have never owned tube gear prior to this phono pre. It's not but six months old and hasn't had a tremendous amount of use. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
Dirty stylus? Loose wire in the tonearm or cartridge? See if all the tubes light up in the EAR.
have you tried to isolate the problem by switching left/right and right/left that may reveal the source
of the problem
Try swapping the Left and Right phono cables that go into the EAR. If the problem changes channels, then it is somewhere in the turntable rig. If the problem remains on the left channel, then it is in the EAR.
Thanks for all of your responses. I found that the cable from the tone arm to the Ear is faulty. This Rega cable isn't making a snap in connection. When I push firmly it makes a good connection. But when I let go it looses that connection. Any idea as to how to make the rca plug snap into place?
It depends upon whether the center pin or the outer ring is causing the problem. If the outer ring is loose, you can squeeze it down a little with a pair of pliers. If the center pin is not making a good connection, you might be able to slightly bend it, so that it will contact the inside of the jack better. Try not to break it off. You might have to do this periodically, because the pin will want to center itself after a while.

It is also possible that the connections of the cable to the RCA plug might be causing it, depending on how you are applying pressure on them to make it work. If you can get a look at the connections under the barrel of the RCA plug, you might get some indicator of whether the problem may lie in that area.

Either way, this is not a real big deal, and should be fairly easily remedied.
Sounds like you found the problem, but to answer your question, YES... a tube could have blown. The 834P uses two 12AX7's for left and right channel gain.