Leedh Aura Speakers

Leedh Aura Speakers
I just purchased some Leedh Aura II speakers, French made and never officially imported into the US as far as I know, and I'm trying to find out as much as I can about them. I have a few questions about the Leedh Aura speakers:

1. My understanding is that the original version, the Aura 1's, used an internal driver in the cabinet’s cavity. I'm not sure why the II's went away from that topology. Any thoughts?

2. Where in the room is the best place to position them? Close to the walls or away out in the middle of the room?

3. Any ideas of where I might find a copy of the manual, reviews or any literature on the Leedh Aura series of speakers? Any websites?

4. I know that they were designed by Gilles Millot of Focal; was there ever an Aura III (3) version? The Aura's speaker series are supposed to be a Gilles Millot masterpieces.

5. The Aura 2's require bi-amplification, did the Aura 1's?

6. Since the Aura II's need to be bi-amplified, I was thinking of tubes on top and solid-state on the bottom. Any thoughts or suggestions from those familiar with the Leedh Aura speaker series?

7. Any pictures of the Aura's or of other Aura speakers or set-ups?

8. My Aura's cabinets are finished in black, but I have also seen some blond cabinets. I wonder if there were any other finishes available?

9. My Aura's are from 1984. The original design I believe came out in 1983. Do you know what the year range was for the Leedh Aura series? 1983 to ?

10. What were the retail prices for the speakers? For the Aura I, Aura II and Aura III's (if there was such a thing)? And retail prices for any other version of the Leedh Aura's?

I appreciate your time and any insight or guidance that you can provide me.
Hi Carlos,

Congratulation for your purchase! I'm a french audiophile living in Montreal and I have a pair of leedh elfe, a pair of leedh starlet and a pair of leedh aura I and also a pair of Jean Marie Reynaud Recital. I enjoy the french speakers! The original version of the aura used an internal driver but not the II. the first version has also the filter integrated into the cabinet. It is possible to use the first version with one stereo amplifier without bi-wiring or bi amplification (using some straps). I used these speakers on many amplifiers (quad II, musical fidelity A100, triangle TA60, MC2100, MC2105, Hitone H300, MC60). these speakers are very sensitive to the amplifier that you use. All the good solid state amplifiers that I used are given bad results with the aura I. I recommend you to use tube amps because the leedh aura have a very low impedance and tube amps give better results than solid state with low impedance speakers. the H300 and the MC60 are a good match with the aura I (but impossible to find a H300 in the US!). My aura are blond ( wood finish)and I am very surprised to learn that there is a black version! I don't know the exact price but The aura was the top of range in the middle of 80's. It is sure than it cost more the 6000 dollars when it was new.

have a good time with these fabulous speakers!
Hi Carlos, yes congratulations you have one of, if not the finest speakers ever buildt. Keep´em.
HI Carlos,

I am curious. Do you still have your leedh aura speakers? are you interested to sell them?

I heard the Leedh speakers at CES 1988. The speakers were in a room with Audio Matiere Equilibre amp and Audio Matiere Paraphrase preamp designed by Jean Jaques De Leewen. I think that was his name. His company later was purchased by Audio Aero. The Leedh speakers were the ones with Piezo egg shaped tweeters designed by Audax. They had some of the best sound I ever heard and I still remember it to this day. If those were the speakers you have I would cherish them. I heard the gas or air that was injected into those tweeters leaked out and I don't think they are replaceable.