Lee Morgan Documentary


Check out "I Called Him Morgan" on Netflix streaming.

It is a documentary about the the life of the great jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan and the circumstances of his death. 

Great footage of Lee performing and outstanding photographs by Francis Wolf of Blue Note Records.
Fantastic viewing.

Also, check out "Afraid Of The Dark", a documentary about Nat King Cole...also excellent viewing.

I enjoyed the Lee Morgan Doc... Worth a watch. Will have to check out the Nat King Cole.

Yeah, Mitch, thanks. The Nat King Cole doc was really good. I'll look for the Lee Morgan.
I really enjoyed it. I'd like to see more things about the era and personalities, stories, the fashions, the personal and historical issues I found it all pretty fascinating. One question I have to answer for myself is "Jazz", and it was interesting to hear Lee say he didn't like that label, is it still a living breathing form of music or is it dying on the vine or a niche genre. Who listens to it, young people, black, white, purple, middle aged to old guys with turntables. Who. Is it a viable form of the same vibrant artistic expression as in those other days.