Lee Hazlewood

Any comments regarding the recent passing of this very talented singer/songwriter/producer/musician?
Thanks for your input.
I'll leave it to others to assess his long & productive career. I'll only say that his last album "Cake and Death", made after his terminal diagnosis, is the best swan song since Warren Zevon's "The Wind." Hazelwood just did his thing & didn't give a f*** in the best kind way.
i would agree...a true maverick
Some of his work with Nancy Sinatra is really 'out there,' I've heard it called psychedelic country, whatever, I like! His music has been on my wish lists for years, his death will make purchasing a top priority.
Funny you say psychedelic: there are patches on "Cake or Death" that sound like Sgt. Pepper with stretches of freaked-out classical music alongside country & pop. Hazelwood may have posed as a red neck, but he was really a high culture/low culture savant.
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