led zeppelin suggestions on vinyl

other than their "traditional albums, 1-4, phys graph, etc, what are some other good lp's? im referring i guess to bootlegs, or other stuff not part of the normal releases, if that makes any sense. ty
I remember back when I was in junior high I always was thought that Zeppelin album with naked girls crawling on the rocks was cool looking.
That was a cover done by Hipgnosis, a work by Storm Thorgerson.

The Naked "girls" you mention are actually two kids, a boy and a girl. The cover is a composite of more than 30 photographs taken over a 10 day period in the rain at a castle that was chosen as the "ideal spot" before the weather turned bad and forced a black and white photo session rather than color.

At one point, I was told by a person close to Robert Plant that the little girl in the photo is Robert Plants own child, Carmen Jane.
D@mn Albert! You are a walking encyclopedia of historical musical knowledge!!

Let's see if you can tell us what Carmen Jane's favorite color is.......
houses of the holy is the album referenced above, but still looking for suggestions of good lps thx
Me likes II the best, the Grafitti, the the un-named aka stairway to heaven album.

Me also likes a lot of Plants solo albums, jest a thought!!!
WOW Albert,

You amaze me sometimes, I am humbled!

I haven't heard any well recorded bootlegs, though I am sure they are out there, for me Presence has always been my favorite LZ album, with I as a second, still a sucker for How Many More Times!

Hello. You will want to find a true collector and seek out live tapes made from shows, soundboards ect, there is much crap but there are some really great performances that never make it to record. try looking on the fan sites. I did zappa for years And Had quite a collection, Some guys actually got in digital recorders, other people knew personell that ran the soundboards that had 2 channel decks running directly from the boards. Cool stuff, dynamic range was staggering on some stuff.
Figured I might as well give some ideas; and yes Albert is correct about Plant's daughter.
You didn't mention your favorite LZ era recordings, so I would tell you to try and find "for badgeholders only" to start with. It was a bootleg from three days of shows from CA in 1977 (the year I saw them).
My brother prefers the earlier music, try "custard pie" recorded in Offenbach 1973.
Both of these have a lot of music on them. There is a lot of bootlegs out there you just have to look for them.
What? There were only two kids crawling on the rocks and one was a boy? Egad!

My affair with Zeppelin started with LZ IV and lasted through Houses, Physical Grafitti, Presence and ended with In the Through The Out Door. I do love the albums before IV as well.

I can still remember the summer of '78 driving through a small town near Santa Barbara, CA with a couple friends blasting and screaming Achilles Last Stand out the car window. Everyone thought we were maniacs.
zeppelin is one of the most bootlegged groups in history
many good boots - Luis Rey has a book detailing them

the early material has many nice cover medleys

How the West Was Won is a commercially released 72 show from California

do a google searc on led zeppelin bootleg
some great ideas guys, thanks. i love LZ1 the most...how many more times, dazed.. physical graffiti a close 2nd..
How the West was Won for me was a disapointment and it is now showing up in the cut out bins here in Cali. When I saw them in Long Beach in Cali it was one year after this Long Beach show and they were a major disapointment too. They were to drunk,and Page kept missing his solo's. The problem with HTWWW is the long songs don't stay true to the song,they break into songs like Hello Mary Lou or Maybalenne. The sound is good through.