Led Zeppelin japanese cds?

Hello. I was looking into purchasing the best sounding Led Zeppelin albums and was wondering if anyone have purchased or are familiar with the cds sold from Japan.

Here is part of an advert from a seller, describing the quality of the available cds-

"SHM-CD (SUPER HIGH MATERIAL CD)developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan. High quality sound cd, playable on a regular cd player.

Uses a different polycarbonate plastic(material used for LCD panel)for the disc surface which has improved
transparency and superior optical characteristics."

Here is a link to one of the Ebay auctions-


The reason I ask is twofold-

1) I want to purchase these albums and would like some advice on which versions would be best.

2)Is it worth the bother? I read in a stereo magazine a while back that Led Zeppelin was going to have their catalog remastered like the Rolling Stones did with their earlier work. Would anyone happen to know if this is true and should I just wait for those to come out?

Thanks in advance.

I own a number of the SHM CDs. IMO, the SHM can enhance the sound of an already excellent sounding CD. It will not cure any problems the CD has. So bottom line, some SHMs are outstanding some not. SHM is no guarantee of sonic bliss.

I see the entire Zep catalog released on SHM CD. My suggestion, purchase one, if it meets or exceeds your expectations buy the set.
I bought a copy of In Through The Out Door.

I'd really need to examine it more but my gut reaction is that it doesn't sound that different to the grey box set version of the same album.

The Mothership versions just at a quick listen sounded better though the mastering is clearly louder on Mothership