Led Zeppelin cd box set remastering quality

I am contemplating the Complete Studio Recording box set as one-stop shopping for the stuff I don’t have on vinyl, especially since I can get it for a seemingly reasonable $60 new. My questions are:

1. Anyone know when and at what rate was the remastering done for the box?
2. The individual discs I have were done in 1994, presumably at 16/44…are these the same transfers used for the box?
3. Do we think they might do new transfers? I know the doors discs I own from the second remastering at 24/96 are noticeably better than the originals.

Thanks for any input.

they are the same, and they vary from album to album. for $60 you really can't go wrong
I own the complete studio recordings. It's the best remastering quality Zeppelin CD's out there at the moment.
Classic records just re-issued the Led Zeppelin catalog on 200g vinyl, if that interests you.
I was listening to Houses of the Holy last night for the first time in a while. This is the re-mastered CD version & I didn't think it sounded anywhere near as good as the one from the 1990 box set. My disc is also re-mastered but doesn't sound good. I would take a shot with the box set for $60.00