Led Zeppelin 2 First pressing

I just won a 1st pressing copy on eBay.How can I tell if this is in fact a 1st pressing.The seller notes it has a 1841 Broadway address. Also, what is the significants of a 1st pressing? BTW, its described as mint minus and I got it for $6.00 Thanks
Hey Dave, I'm totally talking out of my a**, but in my limited experience U.K. first pressings of that time frame on Atlantic had the red/purple labels, and subsequent pressings had the more common green/red. First pressings are just that, first from the first master tape, the first stampers, and call me FIRST in line to get one. Not sure about the Zep LPs, although I'd like to compare it to the pretty-damn-decent-but-maybe-a-shade-bright Classic reissue. Also, the vinyl might be a bit noisy, but the music is in dem grooves mon.
John,mon!? I havent heard that since high school when we were too cool!!! Thanks for the info,Anyone else??
David99. You got absolutely screwed! However, since you are my friend, so I am willing to go out on a limb and refund the money you paid for that first pressing. After all, what are friends for?

Just email me to work out the shipping details, and don't listen to anyone who tells you that it was a good deal ;~).
Gee Albert,thats so kind of you! I made a typo though,Its $60 not $6 {:>) You know my address.I will be waiting for the cash.
Looking for the address..........looking for the address........ $60.00 huh, maybe I should wait until you are a little more tired of it.
Albert-You wont back out now just because of an HONEST typo,will you? The fact is, no one bid on it. I emailed the seller and he agreed to sell to me for the $6 opening bid.I wonder why it didnt get any action? He says it is a 1st pressing and his feedback is stellar!! Why no action on a mint minus, first pressing of a GREAT LP??
Maybe rock-n-roll is finally going out of style? Lord knows the talent pool dried up long ago (10,000 new bands in the Tower records rack and not a single new "Satisfaction"?) Give up you hacks!!!
David 99, Even though Zep was a Brit band, Atlantic Records was an American Company. The first US copys are the preferred closest to the Master tape copys. The UK pressings are NOT as good, even though this is a Brit band.
I have never seen a red/purple (1960s)Atlantic label on Zep 1 or 2. Usually the only way to tell on Zep 1 or 2 is to look at the inner sleeve where you will find all of Atlantic"s 1969 and 70 current releases. This is the only way. I don't remember any particular Mastering house marks on the inner label for you to look for. Anyway, one of the few times Mobile Fidelity did not botch up the Mastering was with Zep II. If you find a copy of that, grab it. I think it beats my original issue. "Thank You" was incredible on the MFSL version...........Frank
Dweller-I have to disagree.Rock'n'Roll lives and breaths! MANY "new" bands worth listening to also,but lots of crap out there too.If you arent into rock then cool.If you are then listen to some new music.There are a couple (at least) threads on modern rock recommendations..Thanks Frap,great info! LONG LIVE ROCK!!
I just got an e-mail from the seller of the Lp in discussion.He relayed to me first pressings of Led Zeppelin 1,2 and 3 on Atlantic Records have on the label the address 1841 Broadway.Later pressings have the address 75 Rockerfeller Plaza.Anyone know if this is correct? I just want to know what I am getting.My copy is a bit beat but for $6 for a mint minus copy Im happy regardless.