Led Zeppelen and Dire Straits Japanese SHM CD's

Has anyone listend to the Led Zeppelen and/or Dire Straits Japenese SHM CD's? They are much more expensive then the recent non-SHM remasters (especially if you buy a complete set). Are the Japanese SHM remasters worth the price?
I bought, at a considerable price in comparison to the regular version, the debut Dire Straits album on SHM-CD. I also own this recording in two other versions on CD. I think the SHM version sounds slightly better but it's impossible to say for sure. Based on that I wouldn't consider it worth the price. Others, of course, will disagree.
Unfortunately, I have to agree with Ron (Rcrerar). I bought all of the old David Bowie SHM-CDs and I don't know that they're noticably better.

I think that the Blu-Spec CDs are clearly better than the normal CDs, but can't say that for the SHM-CDs.

But, they're not really pushing them as that much better. I think that they're saying that the material is better, which makes the reading of the CD more consistent and accurate.

i have all of the led zepp shm's. i don't have the dire straits yet, but i do also have all of the steely dan shm's.
in answer to you question about the lz shm's, yes, they are worth the price. i have a good analog front end as well as a good digital front end. i found that i preferred the shm led zep over the classic vinyl re-issue lp's. i actually sold most of my classic vinyl copies because of that.
Don ( Corby ),

I am glad to hear that since I did take another plunge yesterday and ordered Black Sabbath's "Volume 4" and Uriah Heep's "Demons and Wizards".

I have a couple of SACD SHM discs, they sound absolutely outstanding. I believe most, if not all, SHM CD's will eventually be available in SACD SHM, which probably sound better than the CD SHM discs.So, I am hesitant to buy the SHM CD's at this time.
I have to beg everyone's forgiveness for my first answer.

After reading the positive posts, I went back today and put on David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane". It is a lot better than the 30th anniversary remaster. When I received the lot, I quickly listened to "The Man Who Sold The World" and didn't notice a lot of difference. I'd never really sat down with the rest of them. I should have!

This does make me feel great, because I found copies of the out-of-print Dire Straits' "Love Over Gold" and "On Every Street" SHM-CDs a few weeks ago in New Zealand and ordered them. I'm just waiting for them to make the international postal treck to the US and should be receiving them soon.

I think that CD Japan has better prices on the SHM-CDs than Amazon. I can't really remember where I read it, but JVC is making their equivalent to the SHM-CD called HQCD. The Blu-Spec CDs are also worth the extra cost too.

Just my 2 cents on this subject.
I own a number of SHM-CDs including "Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms" which I think is outstanding.
However, in my experience the sound quality varies depending on the mastering used.
If the mastering is excellent the SHM-CD will sound just a bit better, icing on the cake if you will.
If the mastering is so-so the SHM-CD will not improve it enough to make a difference.
My caveat when purchasing these is; find out which mastering is being used, if you like it then purchase the SHM-CD, if not pass.
PS: I also own a number of HQCDs and Blu-spec CDs, same caveat applies. My favorites are the Blu-spec.
PSS: As far as I know; HQCD and SHM-CD are materials based while Blu-spec is a mastering technique.
I have the 'Dire Straits' SHM-CD and it is worth every penny. I also have the 2000 SBM remaster and the SHM-CD blows its doors away. It seems as though some extra time was spent specifically on "Sultans of Swing" as it is the best I've ever heard. Though not my favorite cut, it was without question the "Who's That?!" song of 1979, if not the decade for me. Well done - keep 'em coming.
I have read that the SHM cd of Dire Straits is superior to the SHM SACD due to the mastering used.

I have a couple of the recent SHM Humble Pie CDs, and they are awesome. My buddy who is a vinyl guy came over and listened and even he was blown away.
I received the Led Zeppelin SACD SHM Japanese limited box set yesterday. I have listened to portions of the first four discs. My initial impression is just O.K. Despite several rave reviews that i have read, I do not consider the sonics outstanding, just O.K,, certainly nothing special. I agree with a Rja, the disc quality depends on the quality of the master source. I think the Dire Straits SHM CD's sonics are much better than the Led Zeppelin SHM CD's sonics (at least Led Zeppelin 1-4).
If any version can beat the Page-remastered Zeppelin Mothership CD that came out a couple years back I'd be extremely surprised. The DVD that came with it is strictly unbelieveable.
I have not listened to the Mothership CD's. But I have read several reviews stating that the Japanese SHM CD's are the best sonics available, including the Mothership version. That is unfortunate, from what I have heard on the Led Zeppelin SHM CD's so far I am not impressed. The set is beautifully done, nice mini albums and jackets. But the sonics are nothing special. On the other hand, the Louis Armstrong Ella Fitzgerald SHM SACD is absolutely stunning.
There's another thread about sonic improvement with burn-in of the SACD-SHM discs. I'm not sure what I think about this reported phenomenon, I haven't experienced this with regular SHM-CDs. My feeling is that some other factors are at play here.
Perhaps you could read the thread and report on any such effects.
BTW: Most Japanese CDs have a date listed for the mastering used.
Matjet - The Mothership CD illustrates that Jimmy Page knows what Zeppelin is supposed to sound like and knows how to obtain it on CD. Of course people have their own opinions on these matters, that's what makes the world go 'round. And the original LPs are not exactly chopped liver.

Geoffkait, try any one of the led zepp shm-cd's. as i mentioned earlier, i sold off my classic lp's because the shm-cd's were much more pleasing to listen to. i have a serious vinyl front end and a decent redbook cd player, both very revealing, so the comparison was a fair one. (check out my virtual system if you're interested)
I have recently received the Japanese SHM CD limited set. After further listening, I thinkt the sound is good to very good. I need more time with them. I am liking them better.
Coincidentally, I saw Robert Plant with his new band, Band of Joy, last night in a small venue; absolutely fantastic concert. They did a few Led Zeppelin songs. His voice still has incredible range. It is still strong and youthful. The concert was a real treat, especially to see Plant in such a small venue. Any Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin fans, make sure to see this show if you get a chance.
The mothership sonics is not as good as page's previous re-masters in the 90's. Too compressed.
Zep remasters from.90s were dreadful...the new delux 2014/15 way Superior
Maybe your system is much better now. I have heard the '94 Zep CDs and find them rather great.
I'm a fan of the SHM technology. Amazing clarity and presence.