Led Zep '71 BBC sessions - balance tweaking?

Last night I was listening to a BMG double cd of the live BBC sessions that Led played from '68 - '71. CD Two is all from '71. On the first six tracks, I found myself tweaking the balance 4db to the left! I almost never play with balance, but for this recording, I just had to. Also, for a couple of the later tracks, I tweaked the balance 2db to the left. Is my hearing funny, room problems, bad left recording mike, etc? Does anyone else have this album and experience? Not a hi fi pressing, just over-the-counter stuff.
creeper: i have many, many recording that were produced "off-center." that's the way i listen to them. as they were, intentionally or no, engineered or edited or mastered. i find the 'balance" function on my pre to be nice but unnecessary. as with everything, just my view. YMMV - cfb
I too own this recording, although I hadn't really listened to it until recently. ...New speaker cables improved my system and finally made these recordings listen-able. Most of the recordings on the first disc are of very poor quality, but the last few are better. The second disc although raw and suffering major tape hiss is better both spatially and distortion wise.

It seems ironic to me now, but at the time [I'd listened to them] I felt that there was a balance problem, and had assumed this was due to improper positioning of speakers [due to moving/attaching new speaker cables]. I have since taken the time to reposition my speakers correctly and am confident that they're spot on.

I'll give these discs a listen again (over the holidays)and will let you know what I hear.

Happy Holidays!
I sure would appreciate a second opinion. By the way, I was mistaken. It is actually an Atlantic release.

I'm in the same boat, most of the time. It's just that with this recording in particular, I just had to tweak.

Happy New Year everyone.
Am listening today Eric, will respond later.

Thanks Mike. I look forward to your take.