led vs original bulbs

hi, just got a Marantz 2225. all bulbs are burnt. wondering about replacing with led vs original. please comment
Voltage is typically a lot higher for bulbs (around 12V) where Led's are normally 5V. So check the bulb voltage before trying that
Check with audioclassics.com, they may have a kit availaible. They make LED retrofit kits for McIntosh
I'm considering purchasing a vintage Marantz and also wondered what I'd do. If any bulbs needed replacing, I'd replace all of them with original bulbs.

Reasons for bulbs:
Original configuration is retained - some LED conversions require modification or elimination of the socket. You can always modify later, but it's more difficult to revert to bulbs.
Bulbs offer uniform lighting across the dial - look closely at LED units in ebay photos and you'll see hot spots around LEDs.
Maintains original color and light intensity. At least some LED unit photos seem to have a bluer, brighter appearance although it's hard to judge given the varied camera and lighting techniques. You may actually find LEDs more appealing.

Reasons against bulbs:
Generate more heat than LEDs - from a power supply viewpoint, the unit was designed for that. However, the velum may need replacing due to discoloration.
Bulbs and velum may need future replacement depending on use and years of operation.

Here are some websites that you may find useful.
Tips, including bulb replacement:

Detailed restoration of 2225:

Relax, have a Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron and enjoy your Marantz...