LED replacement on PrimaLuna Amp/Integrated advice?


I was wandering if anyone has thought about, looked-into, or "gone ahead and done it", replacing the greed and red LED on a PrimaLuna Amp/Integrated with another colour? 

And if one were inclined to do that, are there any suggestions, recommendations, or considerations?

Why would you want to change it to another color?
All my equipment except one piece has blue LEDs. That has red. Bugs me, and I've thought about the same thing.

I prefer blue to green, I can live with the red, but the green is a bit obtrusive given that everything else is blue. 


Just cut a small circle from black electrical tape and cover it. The glow of the tubes tells you when it's on or off.

Blue sounds much better jump on it asap!!
Turns out it would considerably more difficult than a simple straight swap. 

For the most part from what I can gather those green lights run on 1.7v (some a little more some a little less). The blue ones however run on 3v (again with some small variations). 

This would mean that I would need to also mess with the resistors that are currently in place for the LED. And depending on how that is implemented (from the pictures i can find online) it seems like its done on a small pcb) it may be beyond my desire to mess with. 

At some point I might open the amp up to change the bias for KT-150s when i do that i'll also check the LED implementation and make a decision then. 

For now, green stays :)

Do you feel blue when blue LED shines?
swapping for 3V will require knowledge of Ohm's law and voltage division.

These are cool and useful: http://www.lightdims.com/

They come in blackout or dim. black or silver look to match whatever... I am looking at them on this giant obnoxious Xfinity motem on my desk. MUCH better now! 

And better than electrical tape if you are OCD...which there are signs of ;) j/k. I actually get it. We form these systems for our ears. It becomes a multi faceted hobby and we want to form our systems for our eyes, too...

Thanks for that jriggy. 
I'll check it out. And yes on the OCD charge :)
And absolutely yes on the need for both auditory and visual pleasure!

Cheers mate, 
A simpler solution, while it doesn’t change the color, is to buy a roll of static cling window blackout film (costs about $7 for enough to last a lifetime) and cut out small pieces to fit over the offending LEDs. No one will know but you.